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Welcome to Freedom Defence Canada

Freedom Defence Canada is an organization of Canadians who are deeply concerned about the direction our nation is taking. Like many others in our society, we feel under attack by a tidal wave of progressive liberal values that have invaded every aspect of our lives and violated our beliefs and fundamental human rights.

Faith based groups and traditional institutions have been challenged or persecuted because of their traditional conservative values, and we have seen liberal ideology injected into our schools, universities, and government institutions. Free expression has been limited and compelled speech has been introduced in an attempt to change the nature of Canadian society. Our history has been revised and rewritten and the narratives of our heroes have been eliminated or changed beyond recognition. We must not stand idly by while all this occurs.

The progressive left has an agenda to change the face of our nation. We need to be strong and united in the face of it. Unless we act together the Canada we know and love, based on democracy and the rights of the individual, may soon disappear.