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What the Trucker’s Convoy Means to Canadians

by Perry D Foster
By Reed Elley. We are witnessing an unprecedented event in Canadian history, the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. Another unprecedented event, however, has led to this one: 2 years of government mandates and lockdowns because of Covid. Most Canadians would agree that the virus is a threat to our health and wellbeing. But what we may truly be objecting to is the uneven application of health regulations across the nation. We have seen an unwarranted number of mandates being used across the country, resulting in the arrest of many people, even Christian pastors. We have seen the shutdown of small businesses […]

Upcoming Candice Malcolm Event

by Perry D Foster

The R Word

by Perry D Foster
Some of us remember a time when people used the “N” word. Today everyone understands it to be a racial slur. Respectful people don’t use it. If you do, you run the risk of being suspended, fired or worse. Just ask Wendy Mesley of the C.B.C. who retired early because she referenced the word during a meeting. She didn’t call anyone the N word mind you, she just mentioned it. Using the N word can end your career and your personal and professional life. Now a different word has taken its place: the R word. A New Linguistic Bomb I’m talking […]

What Can I Do?

by Perry D Foster
I watch a lot of conservative media and listen to a lot of conservative talk radio. One can hardly blame me. In a society that seems to be going off the rails a person needs relief from the madness. A lot of what we are exposed to on the progressive left isn’t balanced, sane or normal. Can I use that old term “normal?” Thanks to postmodernism, moral relativism and progressive propaganda, the world “normal” has taken on a kind of negative tone, as if stable talk or a lifestyle connected to reality is somehow wrong. Anyway, the most common question […]

FDC Online Event – November 18th

by admin
“Your Freedoms in Peril”FDC Online Event Speaker: John Carpay, President Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms November 18, 2021  – 6:30 – 8:00 pm PST Please join us for our upcoming online presentation by John Carpay, President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. John will discuss the erosion of our freedoms and the effect on Canadians across the nation. All FDC members will be sent the event link on November 18th, 2021. If your FDC membership expires before the event date, please contact Leslie Szeler to renew your membership by cheque, etransfer, or renew online. Leslie [email protected] Rich Rd., Nanaimo […]

Farenheit 451?

by Perry D Foster
A lot of us are old enough to remember the book Fahrenheit 451. Written by Ray Bradbury, it was set in the future when firemen did not put out fires but instead started them. It was their job to burn books, all of which were forbidden. Like the book 1984, it was a warning. Bradbury, like Orwell, was trying to tell us that the potential for our freedoms disappearing was very real. But it was science fiction, right? It could never happen here, right? That’s what we told ourselves, but we were wrong. The New Book Burning There are no […]