Reed Elley, Member of Parliament for the former riding of Nanaimo Cowichan and retired Baptist minister, is a father of 9 and has been married to his wife Louise for 50 years. He is not prepared to rust out but to burn out. Reed lives in Chemainus, B.C.


Irene Oakes is a retired health care professional who is deeply concerned about our educational system and the care of others. Irene lives in Saltair, B. C., is married to Ken and has two children.


Betty Bond is a long time political activist and Financial Agent for a federal political party. Betty has a deep interest in the future of Canada and is concerned about the moral slide we have all been witnessing. She lives in Crofton, B.C.

Website Master and Communications Director

Perry Foster recently retired from teaching in the public school system. He brings a wealth of knowledge on the subject of liberal progressive ideologies and how they have infected the educational system. Brought up on the far left side of the political spectrum, he experienced a profound conversion to conservative thought and has a deep understanding of the dangerous situation we are all in. He is married and lives south of Duncan, B.C.

Members at Large

Ken Oakes, is a retired pastor and political activist. Married to Irene, he has two children and lives in Saltair,BC. A long-time observer of the social and political scene, he is pleased to be part of a movement fighting back against the creeping liberal ideology of the day.

Leslie Szeler has been involved in community and church activities over her lifetime. She lived in Haiti for many years helping people in that country have a better standard of living. She is from Nanaimo B.C.

Matt Szeler over his lifetime has been involved in the banking industry and other work related activities. He worked in Haiti with his wife Leslie for many years.He is from Nanaimo,BC.