Can You Recognize the Good?

 Western Civilization is at a critical point. Why do I say that? It’s not because we are going through unprecedented political turmoil, although we are. And it’s not because we are experiencing a massive struggle between globalists and nationalists although, again, we are. It’s not even because of the cultural civil war between conservatives and liberals. It’s more because we now show signs of being unable to distinguish good from evil.

Mainlining Evil Practices

 What do I mean by that? I mean that our era is exhibiting a truly disturbing and terrifying quality. We are mainlining evil. That may sound trite to some, but it is now so obvious that it can no longer be denied. The practices that are regularly being exhibited, protected and supported by pop culture and our mainstream institutions are harmful and… just plain evil.

The Price of Cultural Relativism

 Our current cultural relativism demands that we accept almost everything, but there is a price for that. The beginning of all of this, the moral and cultural collapse of the West, has many starting points, but one of the most important goes back to the end of World War Two. Many of our current problems came out of the rejection of authority and hierarchy that came about at the end of the war.

 One Place it Began

 We had just defeated the authoritarian regimes of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It seemed natural to emphasize more free wheeling social systems and open morality in opposition to the strict authoritarianism of the Axis powers. The idea of strict social codes and a hierarchal approach to organizations and institutions began to be seen as oppressive. There were other reasons we began to liberalize as well, but this is one of the most important ones.

 Relativism Has a Price

 Unfortunately, by encouraging this, we left ourselves wide open. The long term effect of the trend are only now being felt in our highly promiscuous, morally relative societies. We just need to look at the current state of entertainment industry, or the shadowy world of the internet to see how bad it really is. Virtually everything is being promoted as an acceptable lifestyle. Here is an overview: Remember, relativism, and the acceptance of the evil that accompanies it has a high price.

Fruits of The Relativist Tree

 Pornography, once a reviled industry, is now a multi billion dollar enterprise that addicts millions and makes more money than major corporations. Drug use is now so commonplace and public that people don’t even notice it, let alone condemn it, or suggest that it should be suppressed. In Canada, of course, marijuana, a terrible gateway drug, is now legal. We have an opioid epidemic that is crippling North America, and shows no signs of slowing down. Pedophilia, and those who practice this horrifying crime are pushing for social acceptance through groups like NAMBLA ( North American Man Boy Love Alliance) and there are signs that they may be making progress. People are openly worshipping Satan and recently a Satanic “Christmas tree” was put up in the United States. There are countless other examples, too numerous to mention here.

A Strange and Dangerous Place

 The point in describing all of this is to point out that we have indeed entered a new and dangerous phase. Our society appears unable to distinguish good from evil and admirable from despicable. We have been influenced to such a degree by the far left and those who want to see the West fall, that we cannot even act to defend the good and the true.

Can You Recognize Evil?

 Can you recognize good and distinguish it from evil ? I’m certain you can, but only because you have a moral foundation. Countless other millions, especially the young: Millennials, Generation X and Generation Z, are not so fortunate. They did not grow up with a moral structure of any kind. Liberal Progressives got to them long ago, and they are relativists or even left leaning extremists. It’s “All Good” to them. That may well be the saddest and most dangerous development Western Civilization has seen to date.

But it’s not all bad news. G.K. Chesterton once said that “A folly does not cease to be a folly because it has become fashionable.” We have mainlined many evil things, but truth remains truth. Abusing a child, or enslaving someone to drugs or pornography is evil and that truth shall never go away. Any sane person can see that.

Resistance is Rising

 Right now a lot of groups like ours are rising, and they are dedicated to restoring the balance and fighting for our civilization. New champions are stepping forward to defend free speech, our democratic rights and Judeo Christian civilization. This will be a long struggle and will involve a lot of personal loss, but, in the end, one fact will stand clear for all to see: Good is good and evil is evil, and that truth can never be denied.





  • February 14, 2019

    Another great editorial! For something to be evil there has to be a ‘good’ to compare it against. Even left wingers have their ‘evils’, that is, all the names they call those they disagree with i.e. homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, Xenophobic, racist, sexist, etc. However whose standard do we use to determine objectively what is ‘good’ and/or ‘evil’? Any one person’s standard would be as good as anyone else’s. It is ONLY when we accept the standards that are defined in our Creator’s Manual for us that we can determine this objectively. Since our society has rejected our manual with God’s standards they will continue down the road to anarchy followed by dictatorship. Only Jesus Christ provides TRUE freedom within God ordained boundaries. Whom the SON has set FREE IS FREE INDEED. I know because I have researched this and experienced this. My short story:

  • Jacob
    March 7, 2019

    If you really believe that liberals support pedophilia you are deluded. 99.9% of people are disgusted by it and those awful individuals are excluded from and hated by society. I don’t know why you’re acting like people support it. There’s a lot to criticize liberals about but most of them do not whatsoever support pedophilia.

    • Perry D Foster
      March 21, 2019

      Frankly, I think it is time for you to read these posts more carefully, and I’d like to request that you do so before posting comments that aren’t entirely accurate. By the way, you haven’t amplified or justified your points at all by insulting me and stating that I am “deluded.” We like to maintain a more balanced and less insulting tone here. We strive to do that by not insulting others. We’re not Tumblr . Disagreement is fine. Degrading insults and name calling aren’t. But on to the question at hand. I never stated that Liberals support pedophilia. I said that those who advocate and practice this horrifying crime are attempting to make it more mainline and acceptable. NAMBLA is a perfect example. There was also an 2017 Italian movie “Call Me By Your Name” wherein a 24 year old homosexual adult seduces a 17 year old boy. The 24 year old is an adult. The 17 year old is a minor, not an adult, a child. I will not describe to you some of the more offensive scenes from this film. You can read about it on Wikipedia, and I will leave you to make the necessary conclusion. It was widely distributed. There are other examples. I never stated that “people support it.” I said that there are signs that groups like NAMBLA want to make it more acceptable. As you have said, almost all people find it disgusting or unacceptable. But in this morally relativistic age it is not hard to see where we are going or what those who would like to break down traditional morality are trying to do. There is no point in being obtuse about it. It’s obvious. Of course, most liberals do not support pedophilia, but again, I never suggested that. Three of the eight subtitles refer to cultural relativism and its deleterious effects. That is the point that I am trying to make here. If I had wanted to make a false point that all Liberals advocate pedophilia (something I did not, and would never do) I would have titled the post something like”Liberals Moral Relativism Supports Dangerous Practices” or something to that effect. I did not. We welcome your comments, but please read these posts more carefully

      • Jacob
        March 22, 2019

        My apologies, your comment seemed directed in general at a larger group of people (you did cite the far left as a reason for increased evil in society), and the idea that anyone would accept something as horrific as pedophilia was (and is) disgusting and awful to me. I understand now that you are saying that it is certain groups. I did completely read your article, and I did not call you deluded – I said that anyone who would believe there’s a large support network for these disgusting acts would be deluded themselves. I am sorry I seemed to have misunderstood your comment.

        • Perry D Foster
          March 23, 2019

          Thank you for being civil enough to apologize, and it is a mark in your favour that you did so. I reserve the right to direct the attention of my readers to any group that I feel adds to the current atmosphere of moral relativism and societal evil. I would do the same with any group of right wing politicians or public figures who engaged in unethical behaviour or promoted some vile concept. However, I do not see that in to the same degree in conservatives as I do in the left and on the far left. We could exchange fire on this in an endless fashion, but I think that is unnecessary. Conservatives I believe, are by their very nature, not going to be the ones who advocate for morally questionable laws or activities. They are also unlikely to want to crush free speech, promote the worship of Satan, use lawfare to remove commemorative crosses, use foul language, declare that the words mother or father are meaningless and then legislate to have those terms removed from public use, label someone with endless, new or relatively newly created terms like Islamophobe, Transphobe, Homophobe, Colonialist, Imperialist, Racist, TERF, White Nationalist, White Privilege benefitting, ( I am sure you understand) Reactionary, 1% er, Capitalist… and on, and on…Leftists have done all of these things and more, much more. Conservatives are more likely to argue the best they can without this name calling and try to prove their point through logical discussion. Conservative organizations do not normally deplatform speakers, (there might have been some bizarre example, but it’s doubtful) advocate for an end to free speech, promote the idea that our borders, and those of the U.S. should be open in defiance of federal law, harbour illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, kill police officers or call for their deaths or yell slogans in America like “No Border, No Wall…No USA at all!” Just recently, Lauren Southern and Stephen Molyneux tried to speak in Vancouver at the Hellenic Centre courtesy of the UBC Free Speech Club. So many death threats came their way, courtesy of Leftist groups, that the Centre had to cancel the event. The same happened when they tried another site. Eventually they just gave up. Gave up on Free Speech! on expressing themselves! in a democracy! This all came from the Left, not the McDonald Laurier Institute or Real Women. It was from the far Left. Antifa is now virtually a domestic terrorist organization that goes around breaking up peaceful demonstrations and harming people. They are not conservatives… they are radical leftists. I could spend the remainder of the night bringing up examples, but why bother to do so….It’s pretty much obvious…and for that reason, and many others, I will reserve the right to criticize the left and point out where I think they are wrong and morally reprehensible whenever I wish to do so. That is my right in a free society, or at least a society that still remains partially free in the face of speech oppression.

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