People are using weaponized language to spread falsehood and erase history.

Words have power. Over the last few years, we have seen this proven more powerfully than at any other time in history. Not only have traditional meanings been upended and reversed, but new vocabulary has been created to shift meaning and gain political and social advantages over others. The radical left is good at this, and it has recently gained more power than at any other time in its century long struggle to end democracy and destroy western culture.

The “C” word

One of the best examples of this is the campaign to shame whites and elevate minorities, especially indigenous people. I know what you might be saying, and I agree. We must be fair when we make a statement like that. First, indigenous people had, and still have, unique cultures that have existed in North America for thousands of years. Those cultures should be honoured in every way. We should also admit that past policies against indigenous people were sometimes destructive, prejudicial and harmful. However, that approach to the issue is not being used. Instead, something else is taking place, and it is not good. An example of it was told to me by my sister who works in social services. She told me that the youth are using a new “C” word. We all know the old and vile “C” word that refers to a certain part of the female anatomy. My sister told me that the new “C” word is “Colonialist.” An enraged youth used it to insult her, and she told me that troubled youth are now using it with the same vehemence and hatred they once reserved for the original word. What does all this mean?

New Expressions of Hatred and Loathing

It means that language has been weaponized. There are new swear words, new expressions of hatred and they are not the ones you think. The two new ‘swear words’ that have arisen most recently are “Colonialist” and “Settler.” They are used to demean those who are not indigenous (let’s be honest here, we are talking about whites). In this new and false reality people of European descent should live in perpetual shame and guilt. The word “Settler” implies that you don’t belong, that you have “settled” on land that doesn’t belong to you. You are an interloper, regardless of how long you or your family have been here. The other unstated implication is that you should give back what you have stolen. And this, of course, implies that you are responsible for all the crimes of the “colonialist” past. You, and all that you own, are part of the criminally ill-gotten gains of your ancestors. That’s right. You are personally responsible for imperialist and “colonialist ” practices that were historically universal, not exclusively European. You should pay for that.

You Are Neither A “Colonialist” Nor A “Settler”

But the truth is that you are neither a “Colonialist” nor a “Settler.” Neither of those ‘swear words’ applies to you. Using them is inaccurate, inappropriate and offensive. Here’s a personal example. My mother is French Canadian. Her family came to Quebec in 1677. With that kind of history, they could hardly be considered settlers. They (we) have been living in Canada for 346 years. The word “settler” as applied to us, is ridiculous. In fact, if you think about it, indigenous people could have moved up from the United States during the American revolution and settled in Canada. Compared to my family, who had already been there for a century, they would be the newcomers. Who then could be most accurately be described as “settlers?”

What Does “Colonialist” Mean?

“Colonialist” is a now a derogatory term for white people and, by extension, all things European. It is a new form of bigotry devised in a time when we had hoped such bigotry would be over. There are times when you must speak the truth, and in the jumbled, inverted and corrupted times we live in it is more necessary than ever to speak the truth and call out delusion. Even though other world empires had colonies and grew empires, such as the Chinese, Middle Eastern people or Africans. No one calls these people “Colonialists.” Racism, bigotry and human rights violations have been practiced everywhere in virtually every country by all peoples throughout history, yet the derisive term “Colonialist” now seems to be especially reserved for those of European descent. In the end it is just bigotry. Ironically, the progressive left not only finds it excusable, but laudatory.

What’s Behind This ?

The objective of all it is to eradicate western culture and suppress “Whiteness.” It’s an interesting term that. It can be applied to almost everything and seldom needs to be justified. The far left doesn’t so much single out individuals (although they do that too) as blame the amorphous concept of “Whiteness.” That term that can be manipulated, massaged and reused until eventually you get what you want. Everyone knows what the left means, and everyone knows what a so called “colonialist” is. The goal behind it all is to end western culture and replace it something else. With what you ask? With a DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) state controlled by far left woke intellectuals. Personally, I can’t think of anything more frightening.

Everyone Loses.

If that happens everyone loses. We (and by we I mean rational, reality based, conservatives ) lose because we are persecuted. Our history is “memory holed” our traditions are eradicated and Canada becomes a place of governmentally approved lies, (in the name of removing “Colonialism,” itself a lie). Delusion reigns supreme. False narratives abound. Diversity is injected into situations where it never existed (Netflix is notorious for this. The series “Bridgerton” and “Queen Charlotte” are full of minorities placed in historical contexts, they could never have been in.) Christianity or Judeo-Christian ethics are minimized, persecuted or eliminated. Everyone loses when the truth is crushed and bigotry wins.

But They Lose Even More

But those who rage against the “colonialists,” such as radical leftists, extremist progressives and minorities lose as well. No one wins. They live in a world of lies and falsehood that does not benefit them. They never know their real history, only the false version they are told. They become more bigoted than ever, persecuting others in the name of justice, while not realizing that they are now part of the bigotry they once protested. And they end up attaining an importance they do not deserve, holding positions they are not entitled to and helping to further a false world in which everyone suffers.

Truth is the Key

The key to solving this is the truth. Speak about history as truthfully as possible backed up by the evidence at hand. Don’t lie and don’t “memory hole.” In the end everyone will benefit, and we should all begin to practice this as soon as possible. If you are of European descent, start by refusing to accept the term “Colonialist” or “Settler” when it is applied to you. You are neither a colonialist nor a settler. You are a Canadian, a free citizen of a western democracy. That is the truth, and that is where the narrative should end. You have every right to be proud of your nation and to learn its real history and they have no right to slander you or call you names. Those who call you a “Colonialist” deserve to be condemned for their falsehoods, and you deserve to be proud.

People are using weaponized language to spread falsehood and erase history.

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