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Woke ideology crushes us with its propaganda and brainwashing.

The Weight of Woke

These are difficult times for common sense people. They are made more so by “Wokeism.” Note that I have used italics in referring to…

Harrison Faulkner Event

Hi Everyone. We very excited to announce that our next speaker will be Harrison Faulkner of True North News. Harrison is a reporter, digital producer and host of the regular True North feature…

Rod Dreher Live Not by Lies exposes the truth.

Shop Wisely and Live Not by Lies

A Reminder of the FDC online Zoom Event on Tuesday July 25th at 7:30 p.m. called “Rod Dreher’s Live Not By Lies. Strategic Ways to Make a…

Bill C-11 is censorship and should be revoked

Bill C-11 is Censorship

Letters make a difference! Here is one I recently sent to a local newspaper the Cowichan Valley Citizen regarding Bill C-11. Your comments are welcome. Thank you.