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When It’s Time to Act

by Perry D Foster
                          I became a conservative activist ten years ago. I already had conservative values, but it was at that time that I became fully aware of how much Canada and other Western nations were changing. Until then, I had not realized that our traditional  values, history and faith were under attack. Something in the definition of what it meant to be Canadian was changing. Sacred Traditions Trashed But there was even more to it than that. All of the traditional virtues I had grown up with were being persecuted. […]

The New “Establishment”

by Perry D Foster
The late 1960s were a turbulent time. Almost every established value was being challenged, and it was common in those days to call traditionalists and conservatives the “Establishment.” Arrayed against the Establishment was the “Movement.” Although ill defined, it was dedicated to tearing down the existing society and creating a new one. Paying  for the  Movement’s Mistakes It’s goals were never completely clear but the sentiment behind them was. Unfortunately, although some of its ideas were admirable, ( who could argue with peace?) it veered off into the darkness. Today we are seeing the effects of that mistake. It has […]