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You’re O.K. As You Are

by Perry D Foster

Many conservatives and social conservatives have become apologetic. They feel bad about themselves. When the culture war started many social conservatives began backstepping and explaining themselves as though they had something to be ashamed of. Some of them even began to think that they needed to be educated in the “woke” liberal progressive narrati…

Cancelling British Columbia?

by Perry D Foster

Cancel culture is a terrible thing. It’s no good to claim, as the left does, that it doesn’t exist. That is often their answer to criticism “It doesn’t exist” or “It isn’t so,” as if denying something makes it so. But we know that cancel culture does exist. It’s not the only thing eating away at our rights and freedoms, but it is probably the most potent. There are o…

The Joy of Labelling

by Perry D Foster

Nothing makes a political extremist happier than labelling someone. When you label someone you condemn them without ever having to prove your case. If the label sticks, your opponent is forever stained with whatever association you place on them. Labelling is powerful, and it is being used now more than ever. But it has always been there, a tool for those who …

What They Can’t Take Away

by Perry D Foster

Canada is still a great country, but these are dark days. This is true not just of our surpassingly beautiful nation but of the rest of the world as well. We are facing so many challenges to our rights and freedoms that is almost exhausting to list them all. And It isn’t just our rights and freedoms per se, but the very quality of our lives: our love of life and …

What is Woke Culture?

by Perry D Foster

First there was political correctness. Now there’s “woke” culture. For the last 20 or 30 years these two influences have damaged and weakened the foundations of western culture and removed our freedoms. The most common statement I hear regarding “wokeness” is “I can’t believe this exists. What’s going on?” People are stunned by the speed and efficiency wi…

Why We Must Stop the Coup

by Perry D Foster

There comes a point in everyone’s life when you have to admit that things have gone wrong. As individuals we need to do it to get ourselves back on track if we’ve gone astray, or if we’ve developed habits that threaten to destroy us. The same is true for nations and civilizations. If we don’t admit we have a problem we can’t solve it. In the western world we have to ad…

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