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What They Can’t Take Away

by Perry D Foster
Canada is still a great country, but these are dark days. This is true not just of our surpassingly beautiful nation but of the rest of the world as well. We are facing so many challenges to our rights and freedoms that is almost exhausting to list them all. And It isn’t just our rights and freedoms per se, but the very quality of our lives: our love of life and the absence of fear. These days, both of those are in short supply. The Things We Could Lose At stake are many of the rights and freedoms that we […]

What the Corona Virus is Teaching Us

by Perry D Foster
  As I write this we’re going through the Wuhan Corona Virus emergency. It’s bad. We’ve  all been forced to alter our lives, and we don’t know when it will end. And, as so often happens in emergencies like this, extreme points of view are being pushed. One of them is the “Doomsday View.” It claims that the virus is the “end of all things.” Its opposite is “The Scam View,” the idea that the virus has been exaggerated and that we don’t need to worry. The answer lies somewhere in between. We need to go to that place and […]