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It Didn’t Happen That Way

One of the worst aspects of the “Woke” social revolution is the distortion of history. Most people understand this, even if their knowledge of history is not great. This is especially true if they have lived through an historic period, perhaps in their childhood or youth, and it is portrayed differently on the silver screen or in a book. They know. You can often hear them saying “What?…It didn’t happen that way!” Their anger is understandable. History shouldn’t be distorted. It is wrong to do so, especially for political purposes. So what, you ask, are some examples ?  Stick to […]

I Am Not Ashamed

by Perry D Foster
I am not ashamed. Canada is a great country with a diverse and interesting history. I am not ashamed of it. The progressive left wants you to be ashamed. For them it is vital that you think of Canada as a terrible nation, guilty of horrendous historic wrongs, a genocidal and bloodstained place that needs to be reformed from the bottom up. I won’t buy into that and neither should you. Why? Because it is false, and we should not be either believing or honouring that kind of narrative.  So Many Ways to Shame Those intent on shaming you have […]

The Real Bigots

by Perry D Foster
Bigotry is returning to our world. For a while it seemed as though we might overcome it and realize Martin Luther King’s dream that we would judge people by the “content of their character” rather than the “colour of their skin.” That sentiment now seems to have fallen away. We are more divided than ever. What happened?  Identity Politics Identity politics happened. A few decades ago our ideas about what was noble and good began to change. To some degree we lost the concept of objective morality. Along with it went other important ideas such as good citizenship and “civic […]

The Power of Gradualism

by Perry D Foster
Things can gradually go bad. That’s what we’re seeing today. I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve heard the expression “I never thought I’d see the day.” Now “the day” is here. We are living in an insane world. Courageous and eloquent people have raged against it, and still do, but the insanity continues. If you are told that the six-foot five hairy man in front of you is a woman, and you have to agree in order to save your job and family, then you are living in an insane world.  An Inch at a Time […]

Why We Must Stop the Coup

by Perry D Foster
There comes a point in everyone’s life when you have to admit that things have gone wrong. As individuals we need to do it to get ourselves back on track if we’ve gone astray, or if we’ve developed habits that threaten to destroy us. The same is true for nations and civilizations. If we don’t admit we have a problem we can’t solve it. In the western world we have to admit that there is a coup happening and that we need to defeat it. No Tanks and Gunfire, but… No. Tanks aren’t rolling down the streets of Toronto. Martial […]

Why I Stopped Apologizing

by Perry D Foster
My father taught me to be polite. He believed in the importance of respect and brought me up with a code that had clear expectations. You opened doors for ladies. “Ladies first, son” he would always say. You treated older people with respect and never spoke to them as you would to your friends. The code was clear. It included apologizing when you did something wrong, or when you discovered that you had offended others. It meant that you gave others a chance to speak and respected their right to express their view. But all that has changed. I don’t […]