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The Far Right Boogeyman

Politics affects our lives. You can try to avoid it by going “Off the Grid,” but, even if you do, it can still reach into your life and change it. This is especially true in our current era. Virtually everything has become politicized. Covid, together with the sudden rise of Woke ideology, has radicalized society, dividing us in ways we could never have imagine…

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History Matters and the distortion of history by left wing Wokeism is a crime

Why Our History Matters

I love History. Ever since my childhood I have found it fascinating. Who were these people? What were their lives like? What can I learn from them? What was it like to walk down a street in ancient Rome? For that matter, what was it like to be a pioneer in Upper Canada in the 1800s? These are the questions I ask myself and history provides the answers. Some say that hi…

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Canadian Churches should not be burned. It is a disgrace and an attack on our culture.

Canada: The Church Burning Nation

In the past Canada has always had a good reputation. Seldom considered radical or extreme, Canada was always thought of as moderate, sensible and measured…even dull. Canada, the “middle power,” was the home of reliable, polite and sensible people who went about their lives in a tolerant, open and compassionate way. But the past eight years have changed all …

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Reclaiming our Canadian History

Reclaiming Canadian History with Dr. David Livingstone

Please join us for our first guest in the 2024 Guest Speaker Series Dr. David Livingstone. Dr. Livingstone is a professor of Liberal and Political Studies at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo. He has published widely in various venues from academic journals to opinion pieces. 

Dr. Livingstone will speak about the forces attempting to su

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Universities have been taken over by a radical liberal progressive elite. This must change.

Our University Problem

Our universities have become a problem. Once thought of as “ivy-covered halls of learning,” they are now anything but. Instead of being sources of enlightenment they are centers of indoctrination intent on suppressing truth and de-platforming speakers who step out of line. They are the opposite of what they once were. This is sad, but also evil and dangero…

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