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Why We Must Stop the Coup

by Perry D Foster

There comes a point in everyone’s life when you have to admit that things have gone wrong. As individuals we need to do it to get ourselves back on track if we’ve gone astray, or if we’ve developed habits that threaten to destroy us. The same is true for nations and civilizations. If we don’t admit we have a problem we can’t solve it. In the western world we have to ad…

Why I Stopped Apologizing

by Perry D Foster

My father taught me to be polite. He believed in the importance of respect and brought me up with a code that had clear expectations. You opened doors for ladies. “Ladies first, son” he would always say. You treated older people with respect and never spoke to them as you would to your friends. The code was clear. It included apologizing when you did something wr…

The Checklist is Killing Us

by Perry D Foster

There’s a liberal progressive “checklist” out there and it’s killing us. What do I mean by that? I mean that the far left is not just suggesting that we accept their ideas but bullying us into accepting them. They’ve got a checklist. Either you accept their ideas or you’re done. If you don’t you’ll suffer. And that could mean anything from being criminally char…

Confessions of an Atheist Buddhist Communist

by Perry D Foster


When I was a child my father developed an interest in Buddhism. It was the late 60s, so it wasn’t so unusual. In those days you were regular society or counter culture. My father chose counter culture. So, for about a decade, I lived in my father’s world. It was, to say the least,  an unusual one. Along with Buddhism he decided to become a communist. As a result, I g

What the Corona Virus is Teaching Us

by Perry D Foster


As I write this we’re going through the Wuhan Corona Virus emergency. It’s bad. We’ve  all been forced to alter our lives, and we don’t know when it will end. And, as so often happens in emergencies like this, extreme points of view are being pushed. One of them is the “Doomsday View.” It claims that the virus is the “end of all things.” Its opposite is “The

Why Murdoch Lies

by Perry D Foster

Don’t get me wrong. I love “Murdoch Mysteries.” Set in early twentieth century Toronto, the series is a nostalgic look at a great time in Canadian history. It might even qualify as “Canadiana” so it isn’t easy for me to condemn it. But, as one historical figure so accurately put it, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” We have to be honest. Murdoch Mysteri

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