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It’s O.K.To Be a Patriotic Canadian

by Perry D Foster
Canadians are famous for saying they are sorry. It’s a national trait. Along with politeness, we consider apologizing to be one of our most important national habits. But it may have gotten out of hand. What do I mean? We need to stop saying we are sorry for being patriotic. We should be proud of being Canadian, and not just proud but deeply proud. There are people out there who want to destroy any patriotism we have, and we can’t let that happen. The Maple Leaf Forever I recently told a friend about the Canadian patriotic song “The Maple Leaf […]

DEI Is Not a Faith

A dangerous and mistaken belief system is being embraced by millions. It is known as DEI. For those who don’t know, DEI stands for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. Some people, such as Jordan B. Peterson and Gad Saad, refer to it as DIE, which may be a more appropriate title in the end, but most people refer to it as DEI. What is it, how did it arise, and how should we respond to it?  Sources of DEI DEI grew out of a variety of influences. Among these were radical left-wing politics, progressivism, the social justice movement, “wokeism” and a host of other causes. DEI, however, is […]

What the Trucker Convoy Taught Us

by Perry D Foster
It has been a while now since the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy was broken up and its participants either dispersed or punished. It has also been a while since the disgraceful example of freezing people’s bank accounts took place. I say a while since, in the world of politics and the media, a month is an eternity. So what have we learned?  First the Good News… We have learned that Canadians are braver than we thought. They shook off their lethargy, protested, and showed the world they were willing to go to the mat for something they believed in. That is […]


by Perry D Foster
A new kind of bigotry has entered the world. For the purpose of this post I’ll call it “Conservaphobia.” It’s the only term I can think of to describe it. Like all prejudices, it is illogical, intolerant and contemptible. The suffix “phobia” denotes an irrational fear, but Conservaphobia is more than that. It is a deep seated irrational hatred of Conservatives. The far left and the “woke” mob hate Conservatives because we exist and because we disagree with progressive left wing thinking. That’s all the reason they need.  Pathological and Unreasonable Conservaphobia is different from other prejudices. There is a […]

What the Trucker’s Convoy Means to Canadians

by Perry D Foster
By Reed Elley. We are witnessing an unprecedented event in Canadian history, the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. Another unprecedented event, however, has led to this one: 2 years of government mandates and lockdowns because of Covid. Most Canadians would agree that the virus is a threat to our health and wellbeing. But what we may truly be objecting to is the uneven application of health regulations across the nation. We have seen an unwarranted number of mandates being used across the country, resulting in the arrest of many people, even Christian pastors. We have seen the shutdown of small businesses […]

What Can I Do?

by Perry D Foster
I watch a lot of conservative media and listen to a lot of conservative talk radio. One can hardly blame me. In a society that seems to be going off the rails a person needs relief from the madness. A lot of what we are exposed to on the progressive left isn’t balanced, sane or normal. Can I use that old term “normal?” Thanks to postmodernism, moral relativism and progressive propaganda, the world “normal” has taken on a kind of negative tone, as if stable talk or a lifestyle connected to reality is somehow wrong. Anyway, the most common question […]