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Confessions of an Atheist Buddhist Communist

by Perry D Foster


When I was a child my father developed an interest in Buddhism. It was the late 60s, so it wasn’t so unusual. In those days you were regular society or counter culture. My father chose counter culture. So, for about a decade, I lived in my father’s world. It was, to say the least,  an unusual one. Along with Buddhism he decided to become a communist. As a result, I g

How I Fell in Love With Canada

by Perry D Foster


When I was younger I didn’t care much for Canada. That sounds terrible, but let me explain. I love history and culture, in particular European culture. Compared to the “captains and kings,” and the grand empires and high civilizations of Europe, Canada’s history and culture seemed, well…dull. This was made worse by the fact that my countrymen didn’t

What the Corona Virus is Teaching Us

by Perry D Foster


As I write this we’re going through the Wuhan Corona Virus emergency. It’s bad. We’ve  all been forced to alter our lives, and we don’t know when it will end. And, as so often happens in emergencies like this, extreme points of view are being pushed. One of them is the “Doomsday View.” It claims that the virus is the “end of all things.” Its opposite is “The

Is the Future Hungarian?

by Perry D Foster

Around the world, populist nationalist movements are rising. It shouldn’t surprise anyone. For decades now the popular image of a global world order taking care of us because we can’t take care of ourselves has been promoted everywhere. It grew out of many sources, all of them liberal or left leaning. Even the original Star Trek T.V. series promoted this ide

Why the “Far Right” Might Not Be

by Perry D Foster


Every political movement has its extremist element. The Right had the Nazis. The Left had Marxist Leninism. Every part of the political spectrum can be distorted and used for evil purposes. But this doesn’t mean every political ideology is wrong. It does mean, however, that they can be manipulated by others for political gain. That’s what’s h

The Most Important Issue in this Election

by Perry D Foster


 All the political parties in the upcoming election are talking about the economy, the environment, tax cuts, foreign policy and so on. But one issue we don’t hear enough about is the erosion of our rights and freedoms. If we lose them, then it won’t matter whether we have elections at all. Our democracy will have disappeared.

 Recent Events are Disturbi