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The western world is founded on Judea-Christian ethics and the Christian faith.

The Judeo-Christian Factor

by Perry D Foster

The western world is going through a massive culture war. It may be the most important war we have ever fought. Why? Because it is being fought on the battlefield of ideas. Normal wars are fought physically. Not this one. It is being fought in the minds and hearts of people. On one side are those who seek to redefine reality, rewrite history and change concepts li…

Western culture is valid. We shouldn't take on another identity.

What Japan Taught Me

by Perry D Foster

I lived in Japan for seven and a half years. It wasn’t a surprise that I moved there. My childhood was immersed in Japanese culture. My father was in love with Japan and Zen Buddhism, and our home was filled with books about Japanese life. When I turned sixteen, I started studying karate. It became the focus of my entire life and eventually I lined up to take part in …

Merit must be the yardstick for fairness, but identity politics.

Merit First, Identity Second

“May the best man win.” I grew up with that saying. It was a common expression when I was young. It conveyed the idea that merit and ability ought to win out over favouritism and bias.  It also meant that the best sort of person should win, someone with good character, an example to everyone around them. It didn’t always happen, but it was the ideal. An…

It’s O.K.To Be a Patriotic Canadian

by Perry D Foster

Canadians are famous for saying they are sorry. It’s a national trait. Along with politeness, we consider apologizing to be one of our most important national habits. But it may have gotten out of hand. What do I mean? We need to stop saying we are sorry for being patriotic. We should be proud of being Canadian, and not just proud but deeply proud. There are peopl…

How I Learned to Love Canada

by Perry D Foster

For a long time I did not like Canadian history. Ironically, I ended up teaching it. I was a Social Studies teacher and teaching history was part of my job, but I did it begrudgingly. I found Canadian history dull and, unlike some of my colleagues, had very little enthusiasm for it. Compared to European history, with its colourful narratives and “Captains and K…

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