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Farenheit 451?

by Perry D Foster

A lot of us are old enough to remember the book Fahrenheit 451. Written by Ray Bradbury, it was set in the future when firemen did not put out fires but instead started them. It was their job to burn books, all of which were forbidden. Like the book 1984, it was a warning. Bradbury, like Orwell, was trying to tell us that the potential for our freedoms disappearing w…

You’re O.K. As You Are

by Perry D Foster

Many conservatives and social conservatives have become apologetic. They feel bad about themselves. When the culture war started many social conservatives began backstepping and explaining themselves as though they had something to be ashamed of. Some of them even began to think that they needed to be educated in the “woke” liberal progressive narrati…

Cancelling British Columbia?

by Perry D Foster

Cancel culture is a terrible thing. It’s no good to claim, as the left does, that it doesn’t exist. That is often their answer to criticism “It doesn’t exist” or “It isn’t so,” as if denying something makes it so. But we know that cancel culture does exist. It’s not the only thing eating away at our rights and freedoms, but it is probably the most potent. There are o…

The Real Bigots

by Perry D Foster

Bigotry is returning to our world. For a while it seemed as though we might overcome it and realize Martin Luther King’s dream that we would judge people by the “content of their character” rather than the “colour of their skin.” That sentiment now seems to have fallen away. We are more divided than ever. What happened? 

Identity Politics

Identity polit…

You Are Not Alone

by Perry D Foster

These days conservatives can feel lonely. The world has changed a lot in the last few years. So many things we once accepted as common sense or normal have been upended. In their place is a bizarre value system that has turned time honoured values on their head and is intent on destroying everything we value and love. It can often feel as though you are the only one …

What is Critical Race Theory?

by Perry D Foster

Western society is going through fundamental and far reaching changes and we have passed the time when we can deny it. For many people the idea of transformation is exciting. To them it means better things on the way and a better world coming. But this is a naïve and dangerous view. Not all doctrines or changes are good. In fact, many of them are dangerous, even ev…