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It’s O.K.To Be a Patriotic Canadian

by Perry D Foster

Canadians are famous for saying they are sorry. It’s a national trait. Along with politeness, we consider apologizing to be one of our most important national habits. But it may have gotten out of hand. What do I mean? We need to stop saying we are sorry for being patriotic. We should be proud of being Canadian, and not just proud but deeply proud. There are peopl…

What the Trucker Convoy Taught Us

by Perry D Foster

It has been a while now since the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy was broken up and its participants either dispersed or punished. It has also been a while since the disgraceful example of freezing people’s bank accounts took place. I say a while since, in the world of politics and the media, a month is an eternity. So what have we learned? 

First the Good News…

We …

What is Critical Race Theory?

by Perry D Foster

Western society is going through fundamental and far reaching changes and we have passed the time when we can deny it. For many people the idea of transformation is exciting. To them it means better things on the way and a better world coming. But this is a naïve and dangerous view. Not all doctrines or changes are good. In fact, many of them are dangerous, even ev…

A House Divided: A Post Mortem on the Federal Election

by Perry D Foster

The Biblical quotation “a house divided against itself cannot stand” now applies to Canada more than ever. Why? Because of the recent federal election. Let’s take a look at the results of that election and what it means for our future. First, it was the worst possible result for Canada and for social conservatives.


Yes, the Conservatives captured the popula

The Most Important Issue in this Election

by Perry D Foster


 All the political parties in the upcoming election are talking about the economy, the environment, tax cuts, foreign policy and so on. But one issue we don’t hear enough about is the erosion of our rights and freedoms. If we lose them, then it won’t matter whether we have elections at all. Our democracy will have disappeared.

 Recent Events are Disturbi

Are You a Dissident?

by Perry D Foster

Average citizens don’t think of themselves as dissidents. They’re too busy for that. Most of the time they’re hard at work raising families, making ends meet and serving others. This is probably most true of conservatives and social conservatives. Why? Because they are usually the ones who join service organizations, attend church, help with community p

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