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Are You a Dissident?

by Perry D Foster

Average citizens don’t think of themselves as dissidents. They’re too busy for that. Most of the time they’re hard at work raising families, making ends meet and serving others. This is probably most true of conservatives and social conservatives. Why? Because they are usually the ones who join service organizations, attend church, help with community p

Stepping Over the Line

by Perry D Foster


In the struggle to change our society, crush morality and defeat decency, Progressive Liberalism won a huge victory in New York state. I’m referring, of course, to the recent 40 week abortion Bill passed by the New York state legislature. After it passed, the members of the legislature actually stood up and cheered. What an incredible thought. Devoi…

What 1940 Can Teach Us

by Perry D Foster

On June 4th, 1940, prime minister Winston Churchill gave the most stirring speech in the history of the English speaking world. In it he called upon his fellow countrymen to fight for their nation. He told them to fight on the beaches, in the landing fields and in the streets, and never to surrender. He reminded them that if the British Empire were to last a thous…

When It’s Time to Act

by Perry D Foster


I became a conservative activist ten years ago. I already had conservative values, but it was at that time that I became fully aware of how much Canada and other Western nations were changing. Until then, I had not realized that our traditional  values, history and faith were under attack. Something in the definition of what it meant to be Canadian was changi…

Why Globalism is Doomed to Fail

by Perry D Foster


Nothing guarantees failure so much as going against human nature. There are certain human qualities that are undeniable. Think of any group of people. While they may come together and form a community, each of them is still unique. They have their own qualities that make them who they are. Of course they are part of a group, but their personalities are their ow…

The Shape of Things to Come

by Perry D Foster

In 1933 the famous English novelist H.G. Wells published “The Shape of Things to Come.” It was Well’s vision of what the future might look like. He correctly predicted a future world war, followed by chaos and a return to stability under a new world order. The new world order was called the “Dictatorship of the Air.” It was made up of technologically advanced ai…

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