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The Canadian government has no right to legislate our values. It is totalitarianism

Unjust Bills:Why We Must Fight Them

by Perry D Foster

No one likes conflict. Most of us would like to see things go smoothly. We want things to be stable, with a minimum of difficulty. It’s human nature. And we want our country to work that way too. But unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. There are times when the fabric of a nation begins to fray, or even falls apart. Tough times come, and things get bad. It is in …

Loving Western Civilization

by Perry D Foster

The past eight years have been hard on the people of the western world. It is now not only common, but fashionable, to condemn western civilization and the institutions that made it great. People of European descent are often looked upon as complicit in the “crimes” of their ancestors: racism, colonialism, genocide, and cultural appropriation. The attemp

Four Days Until the Spencer Fernando Event!

by Perry D Foster

Please join us for another great online presentation, this time with Spencer Fernando, who is an independent Canadian writer, and a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. His vast and varied experience in politics and journalism, combined with his willingness to stand up for freedom has helped him gain a widespread following

Please welcome our new Freedom Defence Canada chairman Mike Groenewold.

by Perry D Foster

We at FDC are pleased to announce the appointment of  our new FDC Chairman Mike Groenewold. Mike has been a long standing member of our board of directors and brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the organization. We are looking forward to Mike’s skilled stewardship in the days to come. 

Freedom Defence Canada