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Your Two Greatest Gifts

by admin

Of all the gifts democracy has given you the two greatest are identity and freedom. We forget that both of these are recent. It has taken us five hundred years to go from the Renaissance and Reformation to where we are today. That’s not a long time in history, and we only began to progress in the field of human rights in the last couple of centuries. What many …

Educational Mind Shaping

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Most of us have known for a long time that if you reach children at a young age you can shape their thinking for life. And if you succeed in shaping their thinking, you will also shape their actions. What we as human beings eventually do starts as a thought in our minds ! The liberals have capitalized on this in our society, and the vehicle they have chosen to use for t…

Why M-103 Still Matters

by admin

It’s a sad fact that most of us forget the news. We’re busy, and we tell ourselves that we can’t ┬ámake a difference. It’s understandable. The frantic post modern, internet based crazy 21st century universe consumes us, and it’s easy to push events from our minds. Who needs the added stress and worry? But we shouldn’t …

Obscuring the Obvious

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The one factor that distinguishes social conservatives from the left is a love of truth. Russell Kirk, the famous conservative writer, said it well when he stated that “…the essence of social conservatism is preservation of the ancient moral traditions of humanity.” Actually, it is more accurate to say that we preserve the “sac…

Mission Creep

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“Mission Creep” refers to a policy that begins well, but ends in disaster. It’s a gradual ┬áprocess. Here’s the pattern: A government or organization commits to a policy.It spends time, money and resources on it.Initially it meets with success, so it commits itself even more. This results in more success which, in turn, makes it …

Use Your Words

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This expression, often used by  parents to prevent their children from swearing, now has new meaning in Canada. It is a warning to us that unless we protect our democratic right to free speech we may soon lose it.There comes a time in the lives of all free people when they are tested, and that time has come to Canada.

Liberal progressivism, a philosophy that has …