Confessions of an Atheist Buddhist Communist


  • Reed Elley
    August 3, 2020

    This is quite a story Perry. It would not be something that most of us would identify with but is probably becoming more common. I must confess that I started my political life as a Young Liberal who actually voted for Pierre Trudeau when he first ran for PM. It did not take me long to switch however as I saw his true colours when he brought in no fault divorce,legalized homosexuality and made it easier to get an abortion. All of these things went counter to my Christian upbringing and so I became a conservative politically and socially. But it is a constant fight to hold that banner high in the midst of all we see happening today. Well done!

  • Ken and Irene Oakes
    August 4, 2020

    This helps to explain how you can see so clearly the faults in the progressive liberal propaganda we are hearing all around us and why you can so articulately defend conservative values. Anyone who has been part of falsehood can see its faults more clearly than those who have never been a part of it.
    Thanks for your courage and transparency.

  • Michael Groenewold
    August 7, 2020

    Thanks for sharing your story, Perry! It is very thought provoking to say the least! It seems as if your growing up years were like a microcosm of the cultural turmoil of the the 60’s and 70’s all of which contributed tremendously to the mess we are in currently. Many people seem to be unaware that the slide towards darkness began many years ago. In fact the slide can really be traced significantly back the the 17th century and the so called ‘Enlightenment’ which shed very little light at all! The French Revolution in the late 1700’s sealed the trend and we’ve been worshipping ‘Almighty Man’ ever since. The end result of this destructive direction is bearing its evil fruit on a daily basis in our beloved country. May God grant us his divine wisdom, strength and patience to battle the forces of evil in our time so that, God willing, subsequent generations can live in the freedoms that we so easily take for granted!

  • August 11, 2020

    Perry, thank you for this brief history of your life. I appreciate that you have arrived at the place where you can say unabashedly that you are a Bible believing Christian.The scientific method for discovery  involves the three well known phases of thesis, antithesis and synthesis . The fact that you have arrived at a determination of what is truth, by comparing facts and observations,  lead you to the truly radical conclusion that you have described. It was not based upon a laissez- faire acceptance of what others thought, but came from a personal struggle within. That struggle has deeply validated your beliefs and life choices and I wish there were more folks who were willing to think for themselves, as you have done. A great article Perry!

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