FDC Spring Update. A Word From Our Chairman

Hello Freedom Defence Canada Supporters,
We are going through very unusual times.The Covid 19 pandemic has turned our entire world upside down. We at FDC hope you are doing well and, rest assured, you are in our prayers. Like us, you are probably growing tired of social distancing. And, like us, you probably have the same concerns about what this pandemic is doing to our economy. Taxpayer money is being doled out indiscriminately, and is undoubtedly driving us further and further into debt at a time when many businesses have had to close.
           But, beyond all this, we at FDC have great concerns about the growing limitations on our rights and freedoms. Like many other Canadians we feel that governments at all levels may be taking advantage of the Covid 19 crisis to push through their own political agendas, particularly on social issues. If you feeling this way too, and have special concerns, I would invite you to send me an email outlining them to elleyguy@outlook.com Your concerns could be something that we at FDC can address.
           As you know, we have had to postpone our spring gathering with John Carpay twice. At present we are looking at a fall meeting. Like so many others, we have had to monitor, on a daily basis, the government regulations concerning large gatherings. John is eager to come back and address us, and has given me some dates in late October or early November. We have kept our deposit at Duncan Meadows active so that we are ready to go when the time comes. I am sure that John will tell us about the long list of challenges to our precious rights and freedoms that, during this time of crisis,he has encountered in his work with the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms.
          In the meantime, the board of directors is meeting via Zoom, and we will soon be able to meet face to face. We have been monitoring the issues important to you, like the Delta Hospice Society issue, and are passing them along by email. As you know, they are experiencing government interference with their funding because they have refused to practice euthanasia. We will continue to send you information emails on the issues we feel are important. As well,our communications director Perry Foster continues to post items on our Facebook Page and puts up blogposts on our website. I urge you to read these and take advantage of our communication tools.
          Like so many others we need to adjust to these new realities and find ways to get our conservative and socially conservative message out to the public. We look forward to the day when life looks somewhat normal again and we can all once more meet face to face. In the meantime stay well and God bless.
Reed Elley,
Chairman, FDC
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