How I Learned to Love Canada

For a long time I did not like Canadian history. Ironically, I ended up teaching it. I was a Social Studies teacher and teaching history was part of my job, but I did it begrudgingly. I found Canadian history dull and, unlike some of my colleagues, had very little enthusiasm for it. Compared to European history, with its colourful narratives and “Captains and Kings” approach, Canadian history seemed dry and uneventful. I was wrong. Canadian history is fascinating and interesting. I have grown to love it, and here are the reasons why. 

Which Canada?

The Canada I am talking about is not “woke progressive” Canada. Their Canada is a vile distortion, an attempt to rewrite history, and one that fails on the altar of truth. I am talking about the real Canada, the one based on our history. That is the Canada I fell in love with, the Canada of New France, The Battle of the Plains of Abraham, the Hudson’s Bay Company, the Nor’westers and Voyageurs, the war of 1812, great prime ministers like Sir John A. MacDonald, Robert Borden and Wilfred Laurier, and the brave men and women who served in two world wars. It’s the Canada of Centennial year, the Dominion Auto Club, the Bluenose, Smoky Smith and Barbara Anne Scott. That is the Canada I learned to love. 

 Canada was Brave and Wonderful

It was a brave and wonderful place. I was stunned to find out what Canada was really like. I had lived through part of it as a child, but never really understood how great my country was. Canadians created something out of a vast and forbidding wilderness. They fought bravely to keep it during the war of 1812. They built an amazing transcontinental railroad that created a vibrant place they called home. They served with courage and determination during two world wars. 1.1 million Canadians out of a population of 12 million were in uniform during the second World War, an extremely high participation level. They built towns and cities from coast to coast, often from nothing, and provided structure, law and safety for citizens in one of the world’s most challenging environments, thereby creating a great nation. Talk about courage!

The Perfect Synthesis

In the process they created a unique synthesis of British parliamentary traditions, biculturalism and entrepreneurial spirit. They made a nation where geniuses like Marconi, Banting, Marshall Mcluhan, Northrop Frye, Glen Gould, Oscar Peterson, Harry Jerome and countless others could flourish and distinguish themselves. Alongside all of this, of course, were regular Canadians from Tofino to Antigonish, from Prince Albert to Montreal who showed their greatness by serving their communities as hardworking citizens proud of their history and traditions.  

What Was It Like?

A Generation X or Z person might not be able to understand this. They have been so brainwashed to see Canada as racist, genocidal and evil that they might be unable to understand that the real Canada had ever existed. But it did. Millions of us remember it. People slept with their doors unlocked and windows open. The annual murder rate for the entire country equalled that of Detroit for one month. Toronto was known as “Toronto the Good” because it was such a faith based Christian city that businesses closed annoyingly early. The idea of Toronto as a place struggling with homelessness, drug addiction and gun violence would have been inconceivable to Canadians of that time. They lived in a world of safe communities and law abiding citizens. The idea of today’s Canada would have shocked and horrified them. 

Why Does the Left Lie About Canada?

So why does the Left lie about this? Why do they hate traditional Canada so much? In fact, not only do they hate it, but they loathe the decent, hardworking Canadians I have just described. Why? Why on earth would you hate that? The answer is simple. They need to hate it in order to destroy it. You can’t destroy Canada and build a left leaning socialist “paradise” if Canadians are proud of their history and traditions, love their country and are happy with their lives. You have to brainwash people into thinking that their country is a despicable place, a criminal nation founded and created by monsters. Presto! John A. Macdonald becomes a genocidal maniac. Laurier is a racist. Ryerson was a reprobate and Cornwallis was a criminal. The NHL becomes a racist institution because there are too many white players. We could go on, and on, and on…All of it is a distortion, of course, with no reference whatsoever to historical context. But then, you don’t need that when you are building a new “Woke” paradise and DEI nation. 

The War Against the Real Canada

A war has been declared against our national identity. We can’t deny it, and we shouldn’t. We have to face it and defend Canada. Our cultural enemies want to create the illusion that Canada was founded by “colonialists,” “white supremacists,” and “oppressors.” Ironically, they usually know nothing about our founders, from D’Iberville  to Mackenzie King , or much about Canadian history, but that doesn’t stop them from tearing down statues, renaming streets, eradicating historic plaques or burning books. They never think think about what that Canada was really like. Like all fanatical ideologues, they are not interested. The ends justify the means. 

A Lost Culture?

Is the real Canada a lost culture, something that will never return? Has the Canada I fell in love with disappeared? Recent events show that neither of those statements are true. The Freedom Convoy proved that Canadians care deeply about their nation, justice and their constitutional freedom. Municipal elections in B.C. and Ontario show the rise of new parent organizations dedicated to fighting woke ideology in the schools, with a new focus on cleaning up the streets. The recent debacle with the B.C. Royal Museum shows that people care a lot about their history and identity, and there are a lot of new organizations arising to defend Canada, the conservative viewpoint and socially conservative values. The difference now is that instead of it being accepted that traditional Canada and its history are valuable, we have to fight for it. But, do you know what? I am up for that fight if it means saving the Canada I love, and you should be too. 


  • Ben Buss
    November 6, 2022

    Canada has not disappointed me with adventure. Attendance at U of A gaining Phys. Degrees opened up my mind to the outdoors, business opportunities, and intellectual potential. There was nothing I could not do. I published my own work, developed XC skiing, built a house. My work was appreciated, followers took over as I forged ahead. Now I am reviled as a Colonialist, refused permission to MC a July 1st. Canada cake ceremony. Fight back. Continue activities Speak truth, educate. We are not alone

    • Chris Harper
      November 9, 2022

      Very well said. We are not alone.

  • John Cummins
    November 8, 2022

    Very well said!! A message that should be in every newspaper in the country and promoted on every talk show in the nation. But it won’t be. For now the woke elite control the media and the thought police will stamp out any effort to promote the truth about Canada.

  • Irene Oakes
    November 8, 2022

    Well said, Perry! That is the most interesting, the most lucid, short history of Canada I have ever read. It should be sent to our local papers and to the National Post for publication.
    I am totally proud of the Canada I grew up in and that is the country you have described.
    Score = 10

  • Lorraine MacMillan
    November 8, 2022

    Amen!!! 🤗

  • Lorraine MacMillan
    November 8, 2022

    Amen!!! 🤗 I didn’t say this already!

  • Edward Field
    November 8, 2022

    Yes! The achievements of those who explored and developed this great nation are worth celebrating. Thank you, Perry, for pointing to people and events we can continue to see as impressive contributors to Canada. What now seems to guide the dominant narrative is a false guilt over any alteration to pre-explorer North America.

  • Vicki Podetz
    November 8, 2022

    Thanks Perry, we’ll said. Keep writing.

  • November 8, 2022

    Great overview of Canada’s history! Our past was anchored in the Judeo / Christian principle that God exists and that there was objective truth. Very little of that is taught any more. So unless we are able to take back the public schools and universities, we are, IMO, headed for the Globalist one world government as predicted in the book of Revelation. A short time of reprieve may be possible but unless we have a spiritual revival in Canada, we will remain under the judgement of God.

  • Michael Peters
    November 8, 2022

    Your Canada is the same one I grew up in and have come to love, passionately. However, in our slumber of prosperity and comfort, many Canadians have failed to “stand on guard,” allowing consequence, as Joni Mitchell phrased it, to try and pave paradise to put up a Parking Lot. Fortunately, “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth” (George Washington), and we are a land of incredible waters. May we always know and appreciate what we have so it can never vanish.

    • Michael Peters
      November 8, 2022

      Being an ex-English major, I notice a smattering of punctuation and spelling errors in your posting which I found unfortunate considering the high quality of your writing. I mean no offense but am willing to forward the corrected document to you by email, should you request it. Regards… Michael

      • Perry D Foster
        November 9, 2022

        Thank you Michael, for both your comment and your suggestion regarding editing. No offence taken. If you wish to send me a document please send it to [email protected] Your suggestions would certainly be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Mike Groenewold
    November 10, 2022

    Thanks for this uplifting article! As a child I have known Canada as a great place to grow up. There was relative peace and harmony. People generally respected our historical foundations and particularly the Judeo/Christian consensus upon which Canada was built, whether they themselves were believers or not. All these things contributed to the overall ‘goodness’ and blessing of Canada. I pray that as we look and work towards a brighter future we will draw from the wellspring of our past!

    • Edward Field
      November 11, 2022

      Well said, Mike!

  • November 11, 2022

    Perry, perhaps your best piece so far. Stirring, comforting, challenging. This is the nation we celebrate today November 11, as we recall the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers. A nation once worth dying for. May we who yet live and love her join together to proclaim and defend her honour. Every voice in the Canada you describe must be heard!

  • Nicodemus
    November 14, 2022

    You do a great job here in terms of pride — the proper pride that all who love Canada and its Judeo-Christian heritage feel when they think of its glorious history. Thank-you Perry for posting this, and as John responds above, for posting “the truth about Canada.” I hope everyone who reads this blog post sends it on across their email and social media networks!

  • November 17, 2022

    I have to say this is an encouraging and inspiring historical review. Somehow it puts me in mind of great historical figures like Joseph Brant, who, in his own person was a distillation of the ferment of nations and peoples that made and make us up, as a people and a High Tory tradition of ‘peace (through strength), order and good government’.

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