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   Is England the Canary in the Western World’s Coal Mine?

The United Kingdom is having a hard time. Before I go into detail about it I want to be up front about my bias toward England and English life. I am an Anglophile. My wife’s family moved to Canada from England in 1957, and we still have family there. She has British citizenship, and I have always admired English culture. I still call myself an “English Canadian” even though the dark powers of “Wokeism” and political correctness frown upon it (frankly I could care less what they frown upon) and I am proud of Canada’s connection to Britain. As far as I am concerned, Canada is linked to the United Kingdom. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s talk about the U.K. It’s important.

A Nation in Crisis

Many things are happening in the U.K. that do not bode well for Britain or the world. the situation is becoming serious, and, in my opinion, the United Kingdom is now the canary in the western world’s coal mine. As Canadians we need to watch whatever is happening in the U.K. It may soon be happening here and, in fact, some of it has already begun. Right now, the U.K. is hurting, and the British people know it. I visit the U.K. on a regular basis, so I know it too. They are a nation heading toward a crisis, and my heart goes out to them, especially to the average Brit who has to deal with many of the problems they have. It isn’t just inflation or the cost of living. There are other issues as well. 

Islamism, Radicalism and Dangerous Alliances

Britain is dealing with rising extremism, especially Islamic extremism, that is threatening their way of life. There is no other way to put it. The U.K. and the rest of the western world have been tip toeing around the threat of Islamism for a long time. Now it is here, and it is a threat to the stability of the West. The Pro Palestinian demonstrations in London are a perfect example. They are no longer peaceful if, indeed, they ever were.  They are anti-semitic “hate fests,” and orgies of vitriol against the Jewish people. It is long past time they should have been shut down. What is more, the radical Islamists behind the protests have been joined by a powerful ally: the far Left. Melanie Phillips, the famous English journalist, has called this the “Red Green alliance” red being the colour of communism and green the colour of Islam, and she is right. The two forces are working together to destabilize British values and culture. Radicalism is consuming Britain. 

Illegal Immigration, Inaction and Anger

Illegal immigration is skyrocketing in England. In a country only 4.7 times larger than Vancouver Island, over 750,000 migrants have entered England in the last year alone. The Conservative party has pledged to reduce this, but they haven’t. The “small boats” carrying illegal immigrants keep coming across the English Channel in large numbers. The British public know this, and are angry about it , but they are so disenchanted with the Conservatives that they will very likely elect a Labour government in the upcoming election, and Labour will keep the illegal immigrants coming. Since there is no effective action from established parties on the issue, new ones, like the Reform Party, are rising up in British politics. Out with the old, in with the new but, in the end, it means political instability in the U.K.

Wokeism, Political Correctness and Historical Revisionism

Just like us, the British are dealing with the malignant forces of “Wokeness.” It is everywhere, in schools indoctrinating students in race and gender-based extremism and in entertainment, politics and culture as well.  It is now baked into the British way of life. In videos, movies, shows and documentaries people who couldn’t possibly have been there historically now appear on a regular basis.  Suddenly, Queen Charlotte is the first black queen of England. (She was a German princess by the way) Minority and black characters who could never have lived in England are featured in historical series and mysteries. Even the B.B.C. is promoting historical falsehoods about Britain. The American Netflix show Bridgerton, set in early nineteenth century England, is awash in demographic lies about the England of the day. Sadly, Wokeism is eclipsing truth in the United Kingdom, America and Canada, and it is truth that matters, not sentiment or propaganda. 

The Cost of Living and Inflation

Like us, the British are finding it harder and harder to live. The cost of living has been rising, just as in Canada, and people are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. Inflation is eating at the value of their money and their ability to pay for essential items. In this way the British are no different from us. It is now common for people to struggle in the western world just to get by, instead of making a good life for themselves and their children. Times have changed. Both Canadian and British citizens can no longer count on owning a home, passing something on to their children, or being able to save money.  Life is not as good as it once was, and the citizens of Canada and the U.K. know it. 

Free Speech Curtailed, People De-Banked

To the eternal shame of England, people have been “DeBanked.” Their bank accounts have been frozen or cancelled because “Woke” left wing bank officials didn’t like their way of thinking. The most famous example is Nigel Farage, the British populist leader, whose accounts with Coutts Bank were recently frozen. This is unfair and unjust, and another example of rising authoritarianism both here and in the U.K. Others have also been debanked.  Banks should be in the business of handling money and financial transactions. That, and nothing more, and yet the authoritarian practice of de-banking exists. Not only that but, in a manner similar to laws in Canada, such as Bill C-63, free speech is being curtailed. The attempt to use authoritarian tactics to silence the people is also increasing. 

Hate Laws that Generate Hate

Recently, Humsa Yousef, the first minister of Scotland resigned. The reason was resistance to the infamous “Hate Speech Law” he attempted to foist on the Scottish people. Under this law anyone accused can be accused of “Hate Speech” by an anonymous complainant. Even household conversations and familial disputes are covered under the law. In other words, people can rat on their own family members, informing on them just as they did in East Germany or the Soviet Union. With Humsa’s departure the law still stands, although it has now been discredited. The chilling part of this is that other countries, like Ireland, face similar laws and now, under our current government, so do we. 

The People versus the Police

The London Metropolitan Police are now despised by many British people. Why? Because they have demonstrated a strong bias for Islamist and Pro Palestinian demonstrators while clamping down on patriotic English people and Christians. While allowing Islamists to fly militant flags and call for jihad they warn people not to fly the flag of St. George or demonstrate their patriotism. Muslims are allowed to distribute copies of the Koran, but people like Christian Street singer Harmonie London, who has a large following on social media, are accused of spreading hate speech by singing “Amazing Grace.” The British people know that there is a two-tiered policing system and many have lost faith in the police. 

Their Problems are our Problems

There are remarkable parallels to all  this in Canada. We too are suffering from the skyrocketing cost of living.  We too have a government that lectures us about values while imposing their ideology on us whether we like it or not. We too suffer from out of control immigration (one million new immigrants have come into Canada in less than a year). We too are having our history rewritten and may have our free speech curtailed through laws like Bill C-63, that resemble  Ireland and Scotland’s “Hate Speech” laws. Unless we can effect change in the near future, more of the kind of things happening in the United Kingdom will be coming here soon. 

Ahead and Behind All at the Same Time

Ironically, in some ways, the U.K. is ahead of us. They have moderated Trans extremism by shutting down two questionable clinics, legislating that puberty blockers be restricted to those over 18 and published the Cass Report that details trans excess. They have begun to use normal language in institutions again such as “woman” instead of “cervix bearers.” Groups like the Free Speech Union are defending people whose rights have been violated. We don’t have this in Canada yet, but there are stirrings. In the end the conclusion we must come to is that the U.K. is falling into a state of affairs we don’t want to copy in this country. They have indeed become “the canary in the coal mine.” We should do our best to copy their attempts to resist, but not to emulate them. 

A Worldwide Struggle

The United Kingdom’s problems are everyone’s problems. We are engaged in a civil war against the forces of distortion and darkness. And, if we are truthful, we will admit it has been going on for a long time. It is a struggle we cannot afford to lose, for if we do, we will also lose all the cherished values of free expression and democracy the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms represents.  If we don’t pay attention to what is happening in the U.K. and defend those same rights, they could soon be gone here.

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Mike hayes
Mike hayes
8 days ago

Well written. I’ve been following what’s happening there, and they’re falling into the same trap Canada did in 2015. another writer besides Melanie Phillips (who I admire also) is Zoe Strimpel who writes in the Telegraph. She has been urging the Brits to not do what Canada has done, and learn from our awful experiences under the liberals. While we had a great PM under Harper, the English have suffered under a litany of unlikeable and inept PM’s , which almost guarantees the labour outfit a coast into government. The old adage holds true, though: ‘the people get the government… Read more »

8 days ago

More truth as usual. Thanks. IMO the underlying reasons for this are the people’s rejection of the Judeo Christian world view and values. Then there is the acceptance of multi-culturalism with the idea that all cultures are equal, which is a total LIE. Then there is the acceptance of the idea that all religions are basically the same. ANOTHER LIE. Then there is the acceptance that human being evolved and are just a higher level animal. ANOTHER LIE. Finally there is the current push to want us to accept that men can become women and women can become men. ANOTHER… Read more »

4 days ago

Thanks for this Perry…as usual your article is well researched and accurate……I think that many of the things that you describe above are happening in Canada….perhaps not to the same extent as in the UK……I recall that when I listened to the presentation regarding D’arcy McGee…there was conversation about the impact of immigration on our country as well……..the point was made that immigration is a positive thing…and in fact necessary for our continued growth and evolution as a nation………however it was also stated that those who come to Canada need to leave their historical conflicts and certain beliefs where they… Read more »

2 days ago

Is London Bridge falling down? I think M. Philips makes the point well that when we prioritize rights over nationhood we will fall.