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“Merry Christmas!” and Why It Matters

It’s almost Christmas. As the festive season ramps up, and we prepare for Christmas day, we have a lot to think about. It’s the end of the year, and most of us spend time thinking about what we have done and what we would like to achieve in the coming year. But there’s more to it than that. It’s Christmas, that wonderful time of the year when we drop everything and relax in the spirit of “Peace on Earth and Good Will toward Men.” And more importantly, for millions of us, it’s a celebration of Christ’s birth. That’s where it gets sticky.

Diminishing Christmas’ Meaning

Somewhere along the line we started celebrating two Christmases. A recent video editorial by National Post journalist Stephen LeDrew entitled  “Good Riddance to Happy Holidays” expressed it well. I’ve posted it on our facebook page for you to watch. In the video LeDrew states that it’s okay to say “Merry Christmas” after long years of avoiding it, and the P.C. drought in which “Happy Holidays” became the only acceptable greeting for Christmas. LeDrew stated that there is a Christmas for those who wish to celebrate a secular holiday and one for those who want to celebrate it as a religious festival. But is this really true?

One True Christmas

 LeDrew’s point of view sounds reasonable, but he’s wrong. We can make the choice to celebrate “Merry Time” a shopping and happiness festival, or we can recognize Christmas, a celebration of the birth of Christ. There aren’t two Christmases. There’s only one. Christmas is a recognition of Christ’s birth. Period. You can mould, massage, redesign or rip it apart as much as you want, but it doesn’t change the truth. We live in a democracy so you can celebrate “Merry Time” if you want, but it misses the mark and is disrespectful.

“Merry Christmas” not “Happy Holidays”

 I didn’t mind using the term “Happy Holidays” years ago because it was understood that you meant Christmas and New Years, with a nod to Hannukka. But the Left weaponized the term to achieve their political ends. Suddenly “Happy Holidays” was enlightened and “Merry Christmas” was bigoted. “Happy Holidays” offended no one, but “Merry Christmas” meant that you were a radical Christian and a bigot. This was always a  liberal progressive lie. Knowing this, I quickly became a defender of “Merry Christmas.”  I was a high school teacher, so I started by unfailingly putting up a Christmas tree each year and decorated my room with a banner saying “Merry Christmas.” I greeted my students with “Merry Christmas” and refused to say “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings.” Eventually I became known as the Christmas teacher. Although I am no longer in the classroom, I haven’t looked back since. I never say “Happy Holidays” and never intend to again. Incidentally, the kids loved it, even when the school system told them not to venerate the Christmas season.

“Merry Christmas” is Political. It’s Part of the Resistance

 “Festive Time,” “Merry Time,” “Winter Festival,” “Solstice” it’s all nonsense. It’s Christmas time and we all know it. One of the most despicable tactics of the far left is their ongoing attempt  to separate us from our western culture and our Judeo Christian heritage. They’ll do anything to accomplish this, from wiping out our history to renaming things and taking down statues of our greatest heroes. Christmas is just another target, and their greatest weapon is language. As part of the resistance we should steadfastly refuse to say anything  but “Merry Christmas.” They will always be trying to take our historic faith from us and forcing us to use their terminology to diminish our wonderful past. We need to resist it  in every way possible. At Christmas time the best way to do that is to greet everyone with a cheery “Merry Christmas.” It’s an act of historical and cultural patriotism and it’s a statement of our intent and resolution. Who knew it would also become a revolutionary act?

Some Good News

 Of course it’s also a very nice greeting and a wonderful reminder of Christmases past. This year I have noticed that a lot more people are saying “Merry Christmas” than in the last few years. Maybe Stephen LeDrew is right. Perhaps people are somehow sensing the injustice of having “Happy Holidays” forced on them and are responding. But even if they aren’t we should still say “Merry Christmas.” At this time of the year especially we need to show our allegiance to our culture and its fundamental beliefs. What better way to do that than to stick up for “Merry Christmas.” In that vein we at Freedom Defence Canada want to wish you all a “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” Happy Holidays? No way…










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Hal Adam
4 years ago

Great points and of course we should say “Merry Christmas” but as an Evangelical Christian (tongue in cheek) maybe we should wish everyone a “Blessed Christbirth” since not one of us go to ‘mass’? That might be too much for left wingers and trigger them into their safe rooms? . On a tangent, how about using SONday instead of the pagan SUNday to describe the first day of the week?