Mission Creep

“Mission Creep” refers to a policy that begins well, but ends in disaster. It’s a gradual  process. Here’s the pattern: A government or organization commits to a policy.It spends time, money and resources on it.Initially it meets with success, so it commits itself even more. This results in more success which, in turn, makes it more confident. It goes all in and commits itself completely. Then things start to go wrong. But now, having devoted so much time, money and resources to the fight, it can’t back out. In too deep, it hopes for final victory and continues the struggle. In the end it fails miserably and everyone suffers. What started off as a reasonable initiative ends up as a complete fiasco. The original mission “creeps” upward and gets out of control. This happens for governments when a war or foreign adventure gets out of hand, but it can happen in domestic policy too, or in the lives of ordinary citizens.

Canada is experiencing “mission creep” right now. Ours, however, is different. For one thing it’s been happening for a long time. It also has elements normal “mission creep” doesn’t have. It’s social and spiritual in nature, although it has a political element too. But it’s mission creep all the same. No doubt about it. It’s gradual, insidious and dishonest, and it’s harming all of us.

Canadian “mission creep” is based on two key elements: Social engineering and the removal of rights. It fits the classic description of “mission creep” because it’s gradual, so gradual that we hardly notice it. While we’re living our lives, raising our families, struggling with debt and doing our best to get by, the institutional and political Left change our nation into something we can’t recognize.

The success of “mission creep” depends on something called “gradualism.”We gradually grow accustomed to changes imposed on us through legislation, popular culture and education until one day we wake up in a world that makes no sense,  full of policies that restrict our freedom or punish us if we have a different point of view.

Classic “mission creep.”The fact is that liberal progressives and leftists have already negated our values and forced us to conform to theirs. If they had tried it through legislation they wouldn’t have succeeded.Years ago, in a more balanced society, they would have been defeated.But they were clever enough to employ gradualism, slowly introducing their ideas into the culture through television ads, programs, movies and literature until it reflected their values.

Their message was clear: Conservatism wrong, Liberalism right. Objective morality wrong, Relativism right. Clear identity wrong, Fluid identity right. The West wrong, The rest of the world right. If you are bombarded with this message long enough, it eventually begins to influence you. Whatever your age or background, you can easily begin to doubt truths you have known and understood all your life.

If you resist and follow logic, common sense, or facts then liberal progressivism forces you to conform. This is done through clever media campaigns that force their values on you, or through laws that restrict our freedom to publicly state our beliefs.

It’s sad, but it’s happening. Hate speech laws now restrict dissent. Human Rights Commissions punish those who disagree with prevailing liberal ideology. Mainstream media, academics and popular authors revise history, creating false impressions of events or slanting the narrative in favour of 21st century liberal values. It’s “mission creep” at its finest.

When we dissent we retain our power and our rights as individuals. We have the right to say what we want and to defend the things we believe in. If enough of us do so, then things will change and the “mission creep” I’ve described here will slowly fade away. That will be a good day, because while I may not agree with your viewpoint I do believe in your right to express it, just not your right to suppress mine.


  • Irene O.
    March 25, 2017

    This is very well written and informative. You have expressed just what we see happening in Canada today. Thanks for this Blog. I appreciate your insight.

  • freedomdefencecanada
    March 25, 2017

    You’re welcome, and thanks for commenting. It is time for us to start looking at the truth, and to do what is necessary to preserve our great nation. If we do not face the problems being created by the Left, and the ideologies being forced on us by Liberal Progressives, we will face even greater challenges in the years to come. Understanding what they are doing is the first step in combatting them.

  • Tim
    March 26, 2017

    Great piece!

    “We gradually grow accustomed to changes imposed on us through legislation, popular culture and education until one day we wake up in a world that makes no sense…”

    Case in point, Pierre Trudeau’s bill to decriminalize homosexual acts committed in private. In 1968 the move was considered reasonable and sensible. The majority of Canadians agreed that “the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation” . But Dief was only half joking when he said that he had better get of out here (Canada) “before they make it compulsory.”

    Like a frog in water that gradually comes to the boil, Canadians have accommodated to one “reasonable” extension of gay rights after another, until now, when it is considered mandatory that politicians not only pay tribute to Pride Day but participate in it. I wonder if the people who voted for Pierre would have changed their minds had they had a crystal ball.

    I went with the flow until gay adoption. That is where I drew the line.
    I was given to wonder, how is it possible that people have come to accept the idea that a child can be deliberately deprived of the right to a male and female role model in the home? How can even CBC viewers not be filled with revulsion, sadness and outrage at the spectacle of two gay men holding a baby “daughter” in their arms?
    How can public opinion be so conditioned?

    Then I remembered. Gladiator combat began as a private spectacle for Roman nobles in the mid third century BC between a few combatants, but in the course of two centuries 50,000 Roman citizens packed into the Coliseum to watch men, women and children savagely murdered by the hundreds and thousands in a given day.

    That my friends is “gradualism”. All according to the Cultural Marxist playbook.


    • freedomdefencecanada
      April 6, 2017

      Well said and completely accurate. Trudeau senior’s original intent has now morphed into a nightmare of tyranny and PC oppression. I can’t say I ever liked P.E.Trudeau as a human being or politician, but at least his direction was recognizable, and you could have some sort of respect for his intellect. This is different. It must have been what it was like in 476 A.D. when they started acknowledging there was no Roman emperor in the West. We, however, don’t have the luxury of accepting it. What we are facing is much worse than the latest horde or Avars or Visigoths coming over the hill.

    • Hal Adam
      May 14, 2017

      Good points … but when we do not give our full names are we not part of the cone of silence to this ‘mission creep’ by left wing creeps? This gradualism never stops and thus the increasing number of Capital Letters in the Capital Letter Perversions (e.g. LGBTQ??) .
      I suggest it is only logical that the Letter P (for Pedophilia and/or Polygamy) will be added in time and maybe even B.

  • Abram
    April 1, 2017

    Great article it is very well written and informative. It shows the problems being creating by the left and shows the truth of what’s happening today in Canada.

  • freedomdefencecanada
    April 6, 2017

    Thanks. Now we have to start fixing the problems.

  • Reed Elley
    April 13, 2017

    I like your take on this topic. Those of us who have lived long enough in this country,can certainly see that this is happening. On the other hand,if we want to change things,we know it will not happen over night. FDC is a vehicle for change. Joining it helps us to do together what we cannot do alone. I hope many more people will join to help us overcome some of the “evil” stuff we see happening around us.

    • freedomdefencecanada
      April 13, 2017

      I agree. FDC must be an active vehicle for change, and we must take action. Only by working together and taking concrete action, however, can this actually take place. We can’t be passive anymore. We need to send letters to politicians, organize public information campaigns and initiate opposition and increase our membership and active work. “Evil stuff” is a good way to describe what is happening in the current social and political situation.

      • Hal Adam
        May 14, 2017

        Our actions must take the huge risk (of losing everything).
        When Daniel was told he could not pray to anyone but the King he did not organize a large protest but rather continued to pray to the Lord. This of course resulted in his life being put at extreme risk. Only by us doing the actions of the people of the one hijacked 9/11 plane can extreme evil be stopped. This is EASY to say but once they start taking our money, income or houses that is a lot harder to do. Florists and Bakers are already paying a big price. So we must “DARE TO BE A DANIEL” (as an old song says).

  • Janice Disher
    May 19, 2017

    Now the truth is considered a hate crime. Stating the obvious can get you into trouble.

    • freedomdefencecanada
      May 19, 2017

      Exactly !!! Thanks Janice, for articulating it. And now we are all engaged in a struggle to preserve our basic rights to free expression, and our rights as citizens. We can’t shirk this duty or fail to work for these fundamental rights. It’s my believe that we should all become “freedom advocates” against the new politically correct left leaning fascism that is taking away our freedoms. Our parents or grandparents fought against fascism in W.W. II. We must resist and fight against a different kind of fascism now.

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