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One Size Fits All


The other day I was outside a Mall in my home town of Duncan, B.C. From where I was standing I could see all the usual stores: a Staples, a Sports Chek, a Winners, and a Source. Suddenly I got the strangest feeling. I could have been anywhere. It didn’t have to be Duncan. It could have been Boise Idaho, Peoria Illinois, or Thunder Bay Ontario. Why? Because there wasn’t anything distinctive about what I was seeing. It was soulless. It didn’t have a personality. No culture, no grace, no charm no soul. It might as well have been called “Global town” instead of Duncan.

Globalism Wants This

 Sadly, it’s what globalists want. They don’t want us to have distinct identities. They don’t want you to be proud of your nation or your culture. The aim of globalism is to reduce everyone, to make them conform to a grey communitarianism that promotes their goals and desires, not yours. Every town should look the same. Every group of people should look the same. Every store should look the same. And, above all, everyone should think the same. They think that individuality is dangerous and selfish. Why? Because it opposes what they want, a soulless global collective that they say is for everyone’s good. But it isn’t. It’s a kind of death.

Two Kinds of Globalism, both Bad

 There are two kinds of globalism: Liberal Progressive Globalism and Corporate Globalism. Both  are bad. Both dedicate themselves to false propositions and evil intentions. Liberal Progressive Globalism is dedicated to the belief that left leaning progressivism is the only truth. Until we all embrace it, the world won’t be right. Those who don’t embrace it should be punished. And, what is even more frightening, they should have their rights, such as the right to free expression removed. Somehow, in their minds, if you have a strong identity you are indulging in a criminal act. You are taking something away from someone else. You should give up that identity for the good of the global collective.

Globalism’s Objectives

Of course, no rational person believes this, so it’s fair to ask why Liberal Progressives do. It might seem obscure, but it’s actually pretty clear. Their objective is political control, and he purpose of that control is to move the world to the left. A quote, often attributed to American socialist icon Norman Thomas, makes this clear. He is said to have remarked that “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.” Some people dispute the accuracy of this quotation. But in the end it doesn’t matter. It expresses perfectly the goals of left wing global Progressivism. They are obsessed with establishing global authority. And they don’t care how they do it.

Corporate Globalism: No Sweetheart Deal

 Corporate globalists are as bad as Liberal Progressive Globalists. They even work for the same goals. Corporate Globalism’s goal is power over the marketplace and as a result power over commerce, ideas and culture. The difference is that Corporate Globalism dedicates itself to profit. The driving force behind all they do is the accumulation of money. It’s an amoral principle, so they don’t care who they back or what they promote. Drug use, inappropriate sexual material given to children, radical communism, corporate enslavement, censorship, promotion of radical transgenderism and even borderline pedophilia is all fair game for them as long as it makes a buck. Generating profit is easiest under the mantle of globe spanning corporations.

The Current “Obey or Else” Mentality

Imagine a world where you aren’t allowed to express yourself unless what you say is approved by the government. Those who escaped the Iron Curtain during the Cold War don’t have to imagine it. They lived it. It’s the reason they fled to the West. You had to watch everything you said in case the secret police were listening or watching. One inappropriate joke about Joseph Stalin and you were gone. Are we there yet? Not quite, but we’re getting there quickly.

Time to Think About Canada

Think about Canada for a moment. There are so many things you can’t criticize or oppose. Multiculturalism, immigration, transgenderism, Islam, the LGBTQ community, minority political appointments, aboriginal culture, and so on and so on. The list is long, and it’s growing. You can question these things if you want to, but you risk job loss, harassment, reputational oblivion, and even violence or vandalism if you do. Death threats are common for those brave enough to dissent. There’s something deeply wrong with this. We have the appearance of free speech, but it’s not real free speech. In the end it may end up creating the kind of Canada the globalists want, a totalitarian, grey and dysfunctional world where everyone is forced, to think and do the same thing and everyone is afraid to resist. That’s globalism’s final aim.


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Diane Moen
Diane Moen
4 years ago

Great article! Globalism is Socialism, and Socialism is all about the elite “Champagne Socialists” (yes its a thing) combining and homogenizing the masses in order to control them in the great collective.

Reed Elley
Reed Elley
4 years ago

Great insights into our present situation in the world. Our present government is doing everything they can to produce images of their own making from their cookie cutter mentality.

Perry & Jacqueline Foster
Reply to  Reed Elley

So true! But most Canadians don’t realize this. Ours the duty to inform them.

Michael Groenewold
Michael Groenewold
4 years ago

Well said, as usual, Perry! I’ve come to a place of bewilderment about why so many Canadians (it seems) are quite happy to go down this globalist road. Could it be that they haven’t the slightest clue what it will actually mean? Perhaps they think it won’t really affect them since they are in general agreement with the leftist ideology to begin with. Part of the answer, as the saying goes, is that “a man is no better than his information”. The control of the sources of information around us is alarming, and the efforts at greater control by the… Read more »

Rick Higgins
4 years ago

Perry, yet another well conceived and well written article! It would have been impossible to have conceived, only a few years ago, that we would be as far down the rabbit hole as we are now. Rationality, morality, individuality, intellectual freedom, honesty, integrity and all things good and decent have been banished from not only this once great nation, but nearly every community upon the face of the earth. We have been castrated in many ways, intellectually and emotionally, from believing that this current pandemic of ideological poison is insane and dulling our sense of self into responding by taking… Read more »

Katijane Brunet
Katijane Brunet
4 years ago

Very sad when they give only 2 choices and yet they are the same choice. Oh right, I keep forgetting the govt we vote for is not the one in power🥴

Hal Adam
4 years ago

Great points made. However should we not be pushing back against these Satanic doctrines even if it costs us something? Is that not one of the problems with our Churches? Are they preaching Ephesians 5:11 “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”?
IMO they are not. One Kari radio program suggests we need to meet at the corner of TRUTH and COURAGE.