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The Far Right Boogeyman

Politics affects our lives. You can try to avoid it by going “Off the Grid,” but, even if you do, it can still reach into your life and change it. This is especially true in our current era. Virtually everything has become politicized. Covid, together with the sudden rise of Woke ideology, has radicalized society, dividing us in ways we could never have imagined before. You can try to avoid politics if you want, but to paraphrase a famous saying, “You may not be interested in politics, but it is interested in you.” 

Fear and Coalitions

After reading Tom Flanagan’s book Winning Power: Canadian Campaigning in the 21st Century I understood a lot more about how politics works. In his book Flanagan describes two critical factors in political campaigns: Fear and Coalitions. These two factors are extremely powerful. Flanagan likened political coalitions to chimpanzee troupes. In the world of chimpanzees the powerful can only be removed by less powerful coalitions working together to depose them. This seems especially true in Canada today. The Liberal party is only in power because it created a coalition with the NDP. In Europe coalitions are common. In continental European politics you can’t assume power without creating a coalition. In Canada they are less common and in America they don’t exist. The second factor in politics, however, is much more important: Fear.  

Fear As a Political Strategy

Political parties, unless they are wildly popular, use fear as a tactic in order to be elected. They must create a “boogeyman” so terrifying that you will vote for them instead.  Examples abound. In 1964, Barry Goldwater was defeated because the American public was terrified that there would be a nuclear war if they elected him. In B.C., in the 1970s, Bill Bennett parlayed a fear of the “socialist hordes” all the way to victory. More recently, Hillary Clinton used the fear of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” working to destroy her husband and her 2016 presidential campaign. Both sides use fear to win elections. Fear…always fear. If you can whip up enough fear you can get people to ignore the important issues, discard critical thinking and vote for you. Facts don’t matter. 

The Far-Right Boogeyman 

The best example of this is the myth of the “Far Right Boogeyman.” It is being used in both Canada and the United States to promote fear of conservatives. All conservatives, you see, are “Far Right” a term used to create hysteria about anyone who is not progressive or left wing. Right wing radicals are out there plotting to destroy democracy and your rights. If you believe Whoopi Goldberg and the ladies on “The View,” they are going to install a far-right dictator (guess who) who is waiting in the wings to establish a dictatorship. Elections will end and martial law will be instituted. Democracy will “die in the dark.” (Their favourite phrase) None of this is even remotely true. It’s a lie, but it whips up public opinion and can lead to electoral victory for left leaning governments. What, then, is the truth about the so called “Far Right?” 

The Real Far Right

The actual far right is ridiculously small. They are inconsequential and don’t pose any danger to democracy. Except for some civil disobedience and sporadic violence, they are not a threat to government or democracy. This is true for all extreme right-wing organizations from the Nazis to the Aryan brotherhood. Much more dangerous, however, are the far left and their allies, radical Islamists, Woke fanatics, Eco radicals and hardcore Marxists. Their track record is clear. They are extreme and can be violent and these days they are active.  They shut down political events, cancel speakers, damage public property, threaten public figures who don’t agree with them and impede social commerce. Who constitutes the real danger then, the infinitesimally small “far right,” or the truly violent far left? No contest. And yet the myth of the “far right” boogeyman continues. They are out there somewhere. Be afraid…

A Vote for Him is a Vote for…

The current Canadian coalition government is working hard to whip up fear in an attempt to win the next federal election. The “far right boogeyman” tactic is part of their strategy.  A vote for the Conservative party or their leader is a vote for Donald Trump. Trump is Hitler and the devil incarnate, so if you vote for the Conservatives you are voting for Hitler and the devil. You could not dream up a more preposterous idea on your most imaginative day, but…it generates fear and fear can win elections. The entire thing is ridiculous, but just by mentioning it they have already instilled fear in the minds of the public. 

All Conservatives are Far Right Nazis

In the mind of many left leaning politicians, media figures and pundits, all Conservatives are Nazis. Electing anyone other than a progressive leftist will result in fascism. Although this is nonsense, something any thinking person would reject, it is very effective. As a trope (commonly used expression, image, or idea) used to discredit conservatives it is being used more than ever before to telling effect. Everyone is horrified by the idea of Nazis. If you can link conservatives to Nazism, then the public is horrified of conservatives too. For left leaning politicians it is a winning combination. For everyone else it is a nightmare. Why? Because once again fear wins, critical thinking and intelligent political decisions go out the window, and the country as a whole loses. 

There is no Far Right Bogeyman

Sorry to disappoint the far-left extremists out there, but there is no far right bogeyman. There never was. Conservatives are neither Nazis nor demons. They are just common-sense people who believe in sound fiscal policy, adequate national defence, civility, impartial discourse, correct historical narratives, tradition, limited government, and reasonable taxation. But, as long as fear is used to influence people, especially the young, then the truth is distorted. The idea of a “right wing boogeyman” will always be used by the far left and others to discredit conservatives and present a distorted view of politics.  The less we buy in to it the better. 

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10 days ago

Amen. Today a dear lady surprised me by pronouncing Pierre Poilievre to be a Donald Trump clone. A “harmless, progressive” is preferable to the threat of a fascist reactionary at the helm of power. I pray we have a chance to prove her wrong.

Hal Adam
Hal Adam
9 days ago
Reply to  Perry D Foster

I know smart Christians at our church who have a SEVERE case of TDS. They cannot understand that we must always choose the lesser of the evils. In the USA the Trumpster is like a choir boy compared to the actions and policies of the DEMONcrats. IMO JT is in the pocket of the CCP and/or the globalist CCC (Climate Change Cult).

Hal Adam
Hal Adam
9 days ago
Reply to  Mary

Since WHEN is a progressive (actually REGRESSIVE) harmless? They promote the sexual mutilation of children, M.A.I.D (given a new meaning to MAID in Canada), all kinds of perversions, calling any idea “hate” that does not agree with their doctrines, and wanted to force an experimental jab on us, etc.

Hal Adam
Hal Adam
9 days ago

Great editorial as usual. regarding “They are just common-sense people who believe in sound fiscal policy, adequate national defence, civility, impartial discourse, correct historical narratives, tradition, limited government, and reasonable taxation.”. You left out what I consider even MORE important beliefs: TRUE conservatives believe in a Creator God, the right to life, FREE speech with very limited exceptions, not being cancelled, Freedom of Religion (unless that religion promotes violence), limited immigration (i.e. only those persons who can contribute to our culture), Justices who do not believe in reading things into our Charter that are not there, and the right to… Read more »

Linda Foster
Linda Foster
7 days ago

Thanks so much Perry for once again bringing common sense and intelligence to the madness which currently surrounds us! Fear is an incredibly powerful tool, one used all too often by politicians, marketing strategists, and the media to grow ideologies and shut down critical thinking. Whenever, I see fear at work around me in society, I think of a quote from an Hindu saint who simply commented, “Look fear in the eye and it will cease to trouble you”. We all need to practice this in these strange and difficult times.

Rick Higgins
6 days ago

Good article Perry. Fear, irrational actions, intellectual paralysis. In this mixed up world where people have misplaced apathy for empathy, I still have hope in this one old adage. “We all learn from our mistakes”. As we now look back on the pandemic, we can see the data that is being produced. I use the term data pointedly, because the term information itself has become a term that is constantly criticized, analyzed, and made nothing more than cheap speculation. The The data coherently demonstrates that people all around the world surrendered their will their emotions and they’re thinking to government… Read more »

Hal Adam
Hal Adam
5 days ago
Reply to  Rick Higgins

You are correct that the vast majority were duped and succumbed to fear regarding Covid19[84] and sad to say, that included the majority in our church. My own take on the gab when it was first announced was this: 1) The injections are still experimental and have not gone through the usual procedures for vaccine production. 2) The drug companies have been guaranteed immunity against any future law suits should something go wrong with their injections. 3) At least two of these injections communicate with the complex coding in the human DNA via mRNA. I believe those Scientists do not… Read more »