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The Joy of Labelling

Nothing makes a political extremist happier than labelling someone. When you label someone you condemn them without ever having to prove your case. If the label sticks, your opponent is forever stained with whatever association you place on them. Labelling is powerful, and it is being used now more than ever. But it has always been there, a tool for those who would oppress us, from school yard bullies to political tyrants. We must never forget how dangerous it is, and we must realize that it has the potential to lead us into one  of the darkest periods in our history. 

How It Works

Labelling discredits a human being and marginalizes them. There are many examples in human history, but one of the best is Communism. Communists were, and still are, always ready to apply a label to their opponents. “Counter Revolutionary” “Imperialist” “Colonialist” “Lickspittle,” the list is endless. By applying them they were able to dehumanize vast numbers of human being and justify violating their rights. The result was that millions of so called “enemies of the state” died, disappeared  or were executed. 

The Updated Version

Nowadays it’s not just communists but their cousins, woke liberal progressives, who use labels to destroy people. Here’s an example: The worst thing you can be called these days is a racist. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. You can be the exact opposite, but once you are labelled a racist your life is over. It’s the most powerful label there is. And again, the truth doesn’t matter. Labelling doesn’t have to be connected to truth. 

A World of Name Calling

In the last ten years labelling has increased. If you insist on historical truth and refuse to buy into a radical version of history, then you are labelled a “colonialist” or an “imperialist.” Facts don’t matter. Recognizing historical truth in opposition to extremist sentiment is enough to get you labelled. If you like western culture with its soaring cathedrals, symphony orchestras, scientific achievements and matchless philosophy and theology, then you are heeding the “dog whistle” of “white supremacy.” You are a “white nationalist” or a “nativist” or one of a thousand other labels. You are a proponent of dangerous ideas and should be silenced. It’s ridiculous and childish, but it’s also dangerous, and we should never underestimate it. 

A Lot At Stake

There’s lot at stake if you get labelled. You could lose your job. You could be threatened, harmed or silenced. And the same goes for your family. Once an extremist label sticks it has consequences. But as hard as it may get at times courageous people resist labelling and step forward to state the truth. You are not a label. You are a worthwhile person with a legitimate point of view and the right to express it. You should never be intimidated by labelling or those who label.  

The Tools You Need

You need to know that those who label you are not going to be rational. If you have an argument they can’t answer they will call you names. It’s inevitable. Keep going. Keep  presenting your argument. There are lot of ways you can do it: online, in a newspaper letter, in a podcast, or on a You Tube video or blog. You will have your terminology for them and they will have theirs for you. It’s natural. The difference is that theirs is a world of hysteria. Irrationality is their weapon. A logical truth based argument is yours. Truth has a way of cutting through their nonsense. Construct a good argument, research your facts, use proper quotes and go forward. 

When the Government Labels You

In the today’s upside down world, the established media and government, once our institutions, have become the greatest “labellers.” Every day they create new labels. It’s strange. You would think the government and media would protect you from unjust labelling, but just the opposite is true. “Imperialism” “Colonialism” “Ableism” “Classism” “Systemic Racist” the list of labels media and government can apply to you is endless. If a label sticks they feel they have achieved their aim.

Reject All Labels

But you should reject all labels. You aren’t a “Colonialist.” The colonial age ended a long time ago. You aren’t responsible for its excesses and crimes. You aren’t an “Imperialist.” How could you be? You’re not a citizen of an empire, and you don’t have imperialist attitudes just because they say so. You aren’t a racist and you don’t have any special privilege, official or otherwise. You’re just a citizen subject to the laws of your nation. Embrace, protect, and speak the truth, then step forward and  defend it. You are a person, not a label. 

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3 years ago

Great article. I agree that labeling is a way to discredit validate opinions and facts. We need to whenever possible stand against the use of labels and stand up for freedom of speech.

Hal Adam
Hal Adam
3 years ago
Reply to  Andrew

Yes we need to stand up for ALL our freedoms.

Michael Groenewold
Michael Groenewold
3 years ago

Encouraging article! We are going to be labelled. Accept this fact, prepare for it and stand your ground! Nobody is served when lies and hysteria win the day, not even those on the left who call themselves ‘progressives’! I appreciated the comment about our institutions (like our governments) being among those groups who label those who disagree with them bringing the full weight of their might against them in the process! Aside from this being a blatant abuse of delegated power, it is quite paradoxical that they are the ones who should be protecting everyone’s freedom to express themselves! May… Read more »

Hal Adam
Hal Adam
3 years ago

Unfortunately the ‘one day’ may not happen until the Lord returns to rule this earth. The forces of darkness and evil seem to be advancing in both the USA and Canada. We are primed to be taken over by Communist China or Islam. HOPEFULLY I am wrong. “You, Lord, will keep the needy safe and will protect us forever from the wicked, who freely strut about when what is VILE(caps mine) is honored by the human race.”

Hal Adam
Hal Adam
3 years ago

Maybe it is not labeling or name calling that is the problem? After all is calling someone a “communist” or “Woke liberal progressive” (actually REGRESSIVE) not labeling or name calling? Maybe the problem is not labeling but being part of the Politically Correct Victim group and then demonizing and dehumanizing those who do not adhere to leftist doctrine with language that is supposed to cause hatred towards them? Of course we should reject that hateful language directed at us. The leftist of course will feel so very virtuous in their vitriol. What is worse IMO is the ‘Cancel Culture’ and… Read more »

Rick Higgins
2 years ago

As kids we used to taunt “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”. That used to be true, but sadly today labeling is an insidious tool used not to simply to hurt someones feelings, but it destroy jobs and future careers. A lifetime of character development and a solid reputation can be wiped out in a moment. The utterance by itself with no proof or validation is all that it takes to succeed. God help us!