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“The Narrative. Part 2.”

In my last piece, “The Narrative. Part 1.” I described the beliefs of liberal progressivism now embodied in the dominant public narrative. I then detailed their objectives and why they want to undermine western civilization and destroy traditional values. This includes their campaign to remove objective morality and replace it with subjective relativism. In this post I will describe how it all came to be and what we, as conservatives, can do about it.

The Source of This Lunacy

The source of this may surprise you. The lunacy we have been living through can sometimes appear to have been organic, arriving on the scene two decades ago, gradually tearing our society apart, and now turning our lives upside down. It can look like it came out of nowhere, but that’s not what happened.

As more and more outlandish beliefs are introduced, and increasingly oppressive laws are passed to silence us, we can be forgiven for asking an obvious question “What caused all this?” The answer may surprise you. It’s Marxism. That may seem outrageous. Didn’t Marxism, you may say, disappear with the 1989 destruction of the Berlin wall?

The Marxist Cultural War

    Not at all. Marxism is very much alive, and more determined than ever to become the dominant system and crush its opponents. Now, however, it is “Cultural Marxism” not political marxism. The leftists, you see, have changed their tactics. For some time they have been concentrating on winning the “Kulturkampf” the “Culture War.” Here’s how it happened. After the 1917 Russian revolution, a group of German intellectuals known as the “Frankfurt School” decided to embark on the “long march through the institutions.” Instead of winning military victories they decided to conquer western society from within, taking over schools, universities, the media and pop culture, gradually changing the western world internally until one day it would become Marxist.

A  Malicious Virus

Frankfurt school philosophers, men  like Erich Fromm, Herbert Mancuse, Theodor Adorno, and Max Horkheimer fled Hitler’s Germany and established themselves at Columbia university where they were welcomed by other Marxist professors. From there they spread their ideas to college campuses across America. It took root in the 1960s and, sadly, spread throughout the western world. Like a malicious virus, their influence is now everywhere in our lives.

Their Final Goal

What do they seek? It is important to remember that these people hate everything you love. They are true Marxists. They hate free enterprise, public decency, democracy, freedom, western civilization and Judeo Christian culture. But most of all they hate God. Only the state must be worshipped. There is no room in their collectivist world for your beliefs or rights, only a submission to their ideology. If you don’t submit, the state will crush you, if possible through laws, if necessary through force.

The Frog in the Boiling Pot

I am sure you are familiar with the “frog in the boiling pot” analogy. The frog succumbs because he does not notice the temperature slowly rising around him. Cultural Marxism works the same way, gradually introducing abhorrent and immoral ideas into classrooms, television, movies, literature, politics and popular culture until they are thought of as the norm. Over five decades, they have had a lot of success. Motions like M-103, Bill C-16, Bill 89 and the kangaroo court Human Rights Commissions are now well established, and at times it can seem like there is no way to resist them.

Resistance to Cultural Marxism Rising

Not so. Already resistance to Cultural Marxism is rising. New organizations like Freedom Defence Canada, Democracy Defence Initiative, C3RF, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, and others are being formed across Canada. In America, the struggle for constitutionally guaranteed freedoms is now at a fever pitch, and the “social civil war” has begun.Cultural Marxists, and those who want the demise of both free speech and western civilization, are using violence to silence people who are defending their God given rights.

An Awakening

These are important signs of an awakening. A few days ago it was suggested that since Google, You Tube and Pay Pal are now censoring conservative and Christian views, their monopoly should be broken up and they should be made public utilities. They are now considered essential to public discourse, and should no longer be allowed to silence free speech and people’s rights.

Two Simple Questions

It inevitably comes down to two simple questions. Where do you stand, and what will you do? The answer, in a  word, is RESIST. Become active. Don’t let Cultural Marxism take away your rights or destroy the country you love. Express your socially conservative beliefs in public by contacting your M.P., writing to local newspapers and using social media to fight for your freedoms. Don’t sit back and accept the life destroying dictates of Cultural Marxism. Your future depends on it, and not only yours but your children’s, your grandchildren’s and your country’s.

By Perry  Foster

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