The New “Establishment”

The late 1960s were a turbulent time. Almost every established value was being challenged, and it was common in those days to call traditionalists and conservatives the “Establishment.” Arrayed against the Establishment was the “Movement.” Although ill defined, it was dedicated to tearing down the existing society and creating a new one.

Paying  for the  Movement’s Mistakes

It’s goals were never completely clear but the sentiment behind them was. Unfortunately, although some of its ideas were admirable, ( who could argue with peace?) it veered off into the darkness. Today we are seeing the effects of that mistake. It has drifted down through the decades, and the results have been disastrous.

An Unimaginable World

Concepts unimaginable in the earlier times are now commonplace. Drugs are a permanent part of our world, and are even legal. Pornography is now mainstream. It is  a terrible industry that makes billions and enslaves millions. Homosexuality, once condemned, is now a celebrated and protected activity, with homosexuals themselves a special class. Millions are spent on gay pride parades. New laws prevent you from criticizing them, and, if you do, you can be imprisoned. Transgenderism has blurred the boundary between male and female, and the result has been gender dysphoria and confusion.

The Far Left on the March

The far left has made great advances. National borders are being challenged. There is even a call to erase them. Christians are persecuted and condemned around the world. Openly socialist candidates like Bernie Saunders and Alexandria Occasu Cortez, have been elected in America, which was once the opponent of socialism and the bastion of free enterprise and capitalism.

College Campuses, the New Left Wing Academies

College campuses resemble left wing training academies where free speech is suppressed and conservative groups are persecuted. Thug like teams of radicals, part of an organization known as “Antifa” show up at peaceful conservative demonstrations and beat up the participants, just as the brown shirts did in 1930s Germany.

Accepting the Unacceptable

And perhaps most disturbing of all a movement has begun to accept pedophilia and incest. These vile perversions, now promoted by “experts,” are lobbying to become socially acceptable, under the statement that “Love is love.” Years ago, we couldn’t even have imagined a world in which these things would be acceptable. At times there doesn’t seem to be any restraint at all. Every indecent practice imaginable is now vying for acceptance.

Switching Roles. The Movement is the Establishment

Why is this happening? One reason is that the positions of the Establishment and the Movement have switched. The “Establishment” is now all those who push and support radical liberal ideas and relativistic values. The “Movement” are those who believe in traditional virtues and common sense, in other words, Conservatives. As bizarre as this might seem it is now true. Those who believe in a law abiding world rooted in established values that respect tradition are considered radical and dangerous. They are labelled “haters,” “homophobes” “Islamophobes” and so on. The Establishment  seeks to crush them, just as the governments once tried to crush the 1960s radicals. The tables have turned.

Conservatives: The New Subversives

Although originally well intentioned, the 1960s peace movement lost its way. Their political and spiritual descendants are now the oppressors, and the best term for them is the “New Establishment.” We are now the subversives. Morally upright, socially conservative, traditionalists who detest the extremism of the Left and adhere to decency are the revolutionaries of the 21stcentury.

Silencing the New “Movement”

Just as in the 1960s, the Establishment is trying to silence the Movement, but  the Movement is fighting back. Its heroes are using alternative media to retaliate. The Establishment, supported by tech giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook and Apple are retaliating by closing down conservative sites and “shadow banning” “offensive”  (often anything they don’t want you to see) content or “hate” (anything they disagree with) speech. The left wing new Establishment seeks to crush all opposition and all conservative thought.

A good example of this are left leaning teacher’s unions who crush opposition to the extremist sex ed curriculums being pushed in our public schools. The government supports them, and now works hand in hand with left leaning radicals to crush our freedoms. It’s unbelievable.

Where Will All This End?

Where will it all end? It’s hard to say, but one thing is certain. Censorship and ideological tyranny only work for so long. At some point the people rebel, bring down the entire rotten structure, and start again. The only question is this. Will it happen sooner or later?



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5 years ago

Great article Perry. The tactics the left uses are not new, They have been perfecting them over the last fifty years and pushing have been pushing their ideals for just as long. The lefts founding principles were reasonable when they started their campaign however it has since morphed into an unrecognizable and horrific entity. If we don’t take a stand, just as the Left did, we will end up in a Canada that looks like something out of a Orwell novel.

5 years ago

I live in Canada and like your article and you have a lot of good points of how Canada is degrading fast – very fast. But I do think you need to not sweep social ideas for the benefit of society away too easily. If socialism is to help people with less means than others there is nothing wrong with the idea. It is always right to help people in need. And Canada should do much more in that department. Way too much running after money in this country as it is.
All the best,

Hal Adam
5 years ago
Reply to  Perry D Foster

Perry said it better than I could. One point that has been missed is that most of the left’s evil agenda has been foisted on us not by legislation but via activist Judges reading things into our Charter of Rights and Freedoms that is NOT there. The same thing has happened for about 50 years in the USA. Unfortunately UNLIKE the USA we do not have a good system to replace all our Activist left wing Justices on our Supreme court although I believe Mr. Harper had a chance to appoint some conervative Justices but appointed LIBERALS instead.

Hal Adam
5 years ago
Reply to  Jony

Jony have you ever considered that there is a HUGE difference between Socialism with its ever increasing government control and ever increasing taxes and some social programs designed to HOPEFULLY temporarily give persons in tough situations a helping had up. Socialism works until governments run out of other persons money.

Hal Adam
5 years ago

Another excellent diagnosis of one of the major evils facing Western Society. However you left out the most dangerous one of all and that is the Fascist system called Islam. Yes, it has a religious component but if one studies their Quran and Sunnah one can see that it calls for one World Wide Caliphate (Like the Islamic State) and has an all inclusive law, Sharia , that must be applied to everyone. Unless this system is stopped the Western nations will be destroyed and that will include their current left wing cheerleaders. I believe you are aware of… Read more »