The Shape of Things to Come

In 1933 the famous English novelist H.G. Wells published “The Shape of Things to Come.” It was Well’s vision of what the future might look like. He correctly predicted a future world war, followed by chaos and a return to stability under a new world order. The new world order was called the “Dictatorship of the Air.” It was made up of technologically advanced airmen who controlled all transportation, restoring civilization after the chaos caused by “rampant nationalism.” In the book the new world order eventually creates a worldwide utopia.

Utopia Has a High Price

There’s only one problem. The “Dictatorship of the Air’s” utopia comes at a high price. National borders are erased and made illegal. Religion is outlawed. In fact, to make sure that religion is finished, the “Dictatorship” gasses the Vatican, crushes the Catholic church in Italy, and declares Christianity illegal. Ireland is the last holdout, but it is eventually crushed.

The Modern State. No Faith Allowed

The “Modern State” takes over education, moulding future generations to their way of thinking by indoctrinating the young. The world’s language becomes “Basic English” and other languages fade away. If someone opposes the world wide “Modern State” ( Yes, that’s actually what they call it) they are murdered or given the chance to take a poison pill.

The “Modern State’s ” ideology is based on rationalism and science. No deviation from these two beliefs is  tolerated. Eventually, a classless society is established. Since the state’s education is so advanced, everyone becomes a kind of upper middle class, highly educated genius. Congratulations. The new utopia has arrived.

Does This Seem Familiar?

Do elements of this seem familiar? Although Wells denied it, many parts of his vision resemble Marxism. Other parts resemble the dictatorship in George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Wells apparently saw this as the only way out of mankind’s ills after the Great War and the depression. To those of us who love freedom, his vision is decidedly depressing, but what is even more so is the need to ask an important question. Is his vision of the future coming true?

We Ought to Be Alarmed

Not every aspect of it is, but there are enough that we need to be alarmed. Think about it. The attack on religion, in particular Christianity, is real. New Atheists like Richard Dawkins and the Freedom From Religion Foundation are making sure of that. Education is being taken out of the hands of parents and given to the state. The far left, and even some mainstream politicians, are advocating an end to national borders. The state is dictating the nation’s moral parameters and punishing those who disagree with them. Gender identity, sexuality, the definition of life, language, what constitutes love and hate, and even the correctness of our thoughts are being dictated to you through legislation by our own “Modern State.”

Forced to Comply

Our ridiculously promiscuous and liberal educational system, is now forcing vile and objectionable sexual lifestyles on our children.The state approves and directs it. Those of us who hold faith based beliefs are silenced or punished, either through fines or jail terms. We are being forced to sign documents, “attestations” that violate our religious principles, and if we don’t, our benefits are being taken from us.

The Future Depends on Us

The “Modern State’s” doctrines, supported by vague terms like “diversity” and “inclusion” define what we may or may not do. These ideologies are now dictating the shape of our world to us, and it is full of concepts that condone the vilest and most contemptible delusions. Unfortunately, we are caught in the middle of it. There is a “Great Revolt” brewing against it. That’s good news, and we are all part of it, but a more violent future clash is all but inevitable. Is Well’s “The Shape of Things to Come” our future? That will depend on each of us, and our willingness to fight the tyrannical “utopia” he had in mind.



  • August 15, 2018

    Another great editorial as usual! Your comment seems to be geared to a secular audience. I would like to make a comment from an Evangelical Christian World View. According to the Bible there will be a one World government one day and a one world religion. The person heading this government will be a master deceiver making Mao, Stalin and Hitler appear to be choir boys. This person is referred to as the Anti-Christ. The person running the one world religion will be referred to as the false prophet. After 3 1/2 years of the Anti-Christs reign his true identity will come out and the worst persecution ever of Christians and Jews will begin. So it makes sense that Evangelical Christians would like to delay the one world government movement. Christians some believe is this will happen in our left time and others believe we really don’t know. Thanks for being TOLERANT and DIVERSE enough to allow my comments (unlike most left wingers who call any ideas they do not like ‘hate’ and want to silence our speech.

  • Jude
    August 16, 2018

    There’s an interesting discussion in Rushdoony’s Law and Liberty on how the ‘Brave New World’ will always fail in its secular approach. Excuse the long quote that follows! “This brings us to the crucial difference between Biblical law and humanistic law. Laws grounded on the Bible do not attempt to save man or to usher in a brave new world, a great society, world peace, a poverty-free world, or any other such ideal. The purpose of Biblical law, and all laws grounded on a Biblical faith, is to punish and restrain evil, and to protect life and property, to provide justice for all people. It is not the purpose of the state and its law to change or reform men: this is a spiritual matter and a task for religion. Man can be changed only by the grace of God through the ministry of His word. Man cannot be changed by statist legislation; he cannot be legislated into a new character. The evil will or heart of a man can be restrained by law, in that a man can be afraid of the consequences of disobedience. We all slow down a bit on the freeway when we see a patrol car, and we are always mindful of speed regulations. The fact of law and the strict enforcement of law are restraints upon man’s sinful inclinations. But, while a man can be restrained by strict law and order, he cannot be changed by law; he cannot be saved by law. Man can only be saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.”

    Rushdoony, R. J. (2009). Law & Liberty (pp. 5–6). Vallecito, CA: Ross House Books.

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