Use Your Words

This expression, often used by  parents to prevent their children from swearing, now has new meaning in Canada. It is a warning to us that unless we protect our democratic right to free speech we may soon lose it.There comes a time in the lives of all free people when they are tested, and that time has come to Canada.

Liberal progressivism, a philosophy that has already stripped us of many of our rights, and wants to take more, is now taking aim at free speech. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s no surprise. The aim of Liberal Progressivism is to place the state above the individual and legislation above democratic rights. Its left leaning objectives are to eliminate the rights of the citizen and to eradicate the Canada we know and love.

It can only do this if we allow it. Our democracy gives us the tools we need to prevent it, and, if we act together, they will not succeed. But we must act. Opposition, expressed in petitions, letters to M.P.s, blogging, on line commentary, letters to newspapers and, finally and most importantly, voting, can turn the tide and preserve our freedoms.

Parliamentary motion M-103 and Bill C-16 both  have the potential to remove our freedom of speech. Because of this, thousands of Canadians and a growing number of M.P.s have spoken out against them.The indistinct wording of these initiatives, that clearly favours one religious group over others, and thereby threatens the very core of our democracy, is not compatible with Canadian values. Both of these documents contain the potential to eradicate our civil liberties.

The most important of those liberties is free speech. It is guaranteed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and expressed as the right to “free expression.” It is clear, however, that liberal progressives don’t care about this. In fact, they find free speech annoying, even dangerous. Where it flourishes dissent follows, and the rights of the individual, especially the right to disagree with their world view, stands in the way of their aims.

Those aims have  now become abundantly clear: to limit human rights, revise history, create a borderless world and eliminate distinctive cultures, Canadian culture included. They believe they must re-educate us, teaching us that we never had a “mainstream culture,” that our “identity is no identity,” that disagreement is “phobia” and that limiting, or even removing freedom is necessary and legitimate. All of these aims are now being promoted by the current federal government and special interest groups to socially engineer Canada.

The  place this is going is terrifying. We’ve already allowed political correctness to silence us, now liberal progressivism could take away our fundamental freedoms altogether. Current legislation, aided by the provincial Human Right Commissions, already has the power to fine or otherwise punish people for expressing themselves in ways not deemed acceptable by the dominant liberal culture.

All of this gives one pause to think. When did objecting to a practice or belief system  you don’t agree with suddenly become”hate speech?” When did dissent become wrong? Who decides which opinions are acceptable and which are not? The present Liberal government? All of these are legitimate questions.

What is now becoming clear is that we need to speak up in the worst way. It’s the only thing that will prevent pieces of legislation like M-103 and Bill C-16 from paving the way towards state censorship. It may seem “Un Canadian,” to protest them, but I believe we are past that now. There is too much at stake. Edmund Burke once said that “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” He was right. So use your words, or one day you may not be able to.


  • andrew
    March 11, 2017

    This is so true. By attacking our free speech the left looks to take away our ability to fight back. Bills like C-16 and M-103 will be used not as a tool for equality and justice but as a way to enforce a single point of view. We need to push back against liberalism. Many people are not aware of the changes and bills going being pushed through our Parliament. If we start by simply refusing to be silenced and raising concern that defiance can grow into positive change.

    • freedomdefencecanada
      March 22, 2017

      Well said. Our problem is often compounded by the fact that the mainstream media present legislation like M-103 and C-16 as enlightened and progressive, when, in fact, they are aimed at suppressing free speech or advancing a biased liberal progressive narrative. Omitting news, or reporting it in a heavily biased way, is the same thing as false news. People don’t know what’s happening, or can’t find out what the real news is. If you only listened to outlets like the C.B.C. you would be convinced that M-103 is the greatest thing on earth, and that those who objected to it were evil racist xenophobes. Labelling people who disagree with you, then shaming and punishing them is the first step in establishing an oppressive regime. It’s up to us to resist this incursion on our freedoms.

  • Tim Murray
    March 13, 2017

    When I first read Motion 103, my long deceased mother came to mind. I can still see her now, sitting in her room crying as she did every year on June 9th. That was the day her little brother was killed in action three days after D-Day. She never got over it.

    And I never got over the sight of seeing his headstone among a sea of headstones for Canadian airmen in an English cemetry. My mother at least had the solace of knowing that my then 24 year old uncle from North Burnaby died so that the citizens of the Motherland and the Dominion of Canada would continue to enjoy the freedoms paid for in blood—most precious of which is freedom of expression.

    But now all of that is danger of being thrown away by the new totalitarians of the fascist liberal-left. Words cannot express my rage. I look at the telegrams my grandmother received from the war office during that terrible week in mid June 72 years ago and I ask myself, am I –are we—going to allow this to happen? If not, then we must act NOW. It’s show time.

    Tim Murray
    Quadra Island, BC

    • freedomdefencecanada
      March 22, 2017

      What a wonderfully eloquent reply. My father fought in World War Two as well, but was lucky enough to return and build a new life. He certainly wouldn’t have believed that the war he had fought in to defend freedom of expression would now have morphed into the kind of place where M-103 and C-16 could be seriously considered by anyone. Yes. You are most certainly right. It is show time for all of us.

  • Reed Elley
    March 15, 2017

    This is so true. The left has taken over the meaning and use of so many words turning them into something else to suit their agenda. The use of the word “progressive” is one of them. If you disagree with the left’s position on social issues you are not a progressive person. You therefore must be “regressive”.

    Believing in traditional values which has always strengthened the nuclear family is not regressive. What is regressive is to see moral values of fidelity,honesty,and truth trampled on by the left in their desire to change relationships into what they want to do.

    Now is the time for those of us who believe in traditional values when it comes to social issues to speak up. There are far more of us out there than we often think. Believing in traditional marriage,having value for life from conception to the grave,putting the authority of the family first in education and other ways is what has kept our society together. Now it is in grave danger of disintegrating. Now is that time for action before it is too late!

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