What Ails the C.B.C.?

What is wrong with the C.B.C.? Once watched by most of us, it is now viewed by only a small percentage of Canadians and is propped up by federal funds to the tune of hundreds of million dollars. It is so biased that watching it has become painful. What went wrong with our national broadcaster?

Not Your Grandfather’s C.B.C. 

It’s important to realize that today’s C.B.C. bears no resemblance to the C.B.C. of yesteryear. A lot of us remember that C.B.C. Some of us even remember George Maclean, the anchorman and host of The National, who once stated that it was his job to report the news not  editorialize about it. In those days the C.B.C. had programming that reflected our identity. It wasn’t as slick as the American networks, and could even be corny at times, but it was ours. I can even remember period pieces starring Gordon Pinsent set in bygone times when we weren’t ashamed of ourselves. 

Propaganda: Is the C.B.C. Canada’s Pravda?  

The current C.B.C. is so biased that it pretty much serves as the propaganda arm of the Liberal Party of Canada. If that isn’t an entirely accurate description it would certainly be accurate to say that it is a cheerleader for liberal progressive ideology (perhaps better called  “ illiberal regressive” instead of “liberal progressive”). It is very accurate to say that it is now in the business of forcing D.E.I. ( see my previous post entitled “D.E.I is Not a Faith”) tenets down our throat. The C.B.C. of yore did not promote propaganda or force Canadians to accept  “woke” thinking. But, like infamous state broadcasters of the past, Pravda for example, it seems intent on doing so now. Small wonder so many are abandoning it.I have not watched our national broadcaster with any regularity since Oct. 19th, 2015, because I  was not about to watch them crow about Justin Trudeau’s victory for months on end. 

Voting with our remotes

It is a compliment to Canadians that we are voting with our remotes and watching other networks. We get it, and we are not about to accept left of centre woke propaganda as news or information. The sad part, though, is that we never should have been in this position in the first place. The C.B.C. should never have devolved into the biased broadcaster it eventually became. Instead it should have upheld its original standards, tweaking this or that, modernizing some things, but never becoming  propaganda. That it has become a propaganda mill shows in everything it does. Demographically, we know who is acceptable as a newscaster or anchor and who can never be, which people are accepted as sources and which are not. We know which sex and ethnic groups are favoured and those that are not. And, tragically, we know which political parties are going to be promoted, and defended and which ones will not. That’s not the way a national broadcaster should behave, especially one that the taxpayers pay for to the tune of 1.6 billion dollars annually. 

The Real Picture

The real picture of what is going on in Canada is different from the C.B.C.’s version of reality. Across the nation people are frustrated with woke ideology, tired of Liberal Party authoritarianism, sickened by biased broadcasts, and miss the nation they once knew. The C.B.C. isn’t telling the truth or playing fair, and Canadians understand that. They are voting  with their feet and watching other networks or abandoning the mainstream media completely. All of this, of course, is being denied by the mainstream media who stick to their narrative that the C.B.C. represents average Canadians and reports in their interests. It does not. 

The Big Picture

The big picture is that abandoning the C.B.C. is part of a larger issue. People around the world are rebelling against the illiberal regressive message being promoted by globalism. They want their national identities, history and individual rights back, and they are showing it in mass demonstrations and rebellious behaviour that is not being covered by the legacy media. In short, they are fighting back. How you ask? By voting for the center right in places like Sweden and Italy, by running for school boards and city councils, by taking their kids out of the public schools and by protesting school curricula, insanely high taxes and the  globalist agenda. Around the world people are saying “Enough is Enough.” Tuning out the C.B.C. is just one part of it and, hopefully, just the beginning. 


  • Patricia Field
    October 18, 2022

    Thank you, Perry for this article. In a women’s group today I suggested “True North” as an antidote to CBC!

    • October 18, 2022

      A good suggestion! True North is really growing and, as you know, we have had Candice Malcolm, its founder, as one of our Event Speakers. Please tell your friends about Freedom Defence Canada as well. We want to reach as many people as possible.

  • Mike Groenewold
    October 20, 2022

    CBC is a symptom of a larger malaise in our culture. There seems to be an alignment of people and institutions on the left who believe that the cultural Marxism espoused today will win and save the world. To that end they bend all their considerable resources and effort. They are wrong and their worldview has and will only produce death and destruction. It appears to be the average thinking person armed with the Truth who stands against this Goliath of our times. And by God’s grace, we will win.

  • Ben Buss
    October 30, 2022

    Right on Perry. I watch CBC cynically wondering what else they can twist and manipulate. I derive amusement from their efforts. I act by refusing to lie down as a town crier and I have had many positive complements from people at my presentations on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and her death. At the Legion’s Dinner and Cenotaph ceremony I proposed a toast to our Royalty and gave a background on the funeral ceremonies in Westminster Hall and Windsor in Charles Hoey VC Park.

  • Cal Davis
    October 31, 2022

    Around 40 years ago I was with a group of young Conservatives that picketed the old CBC building demanding that the federal government sell the CBC. Since that time all EVERY Federal government has done is subsidize the CBC. Even now it is not Conservative policy to sell the CBC, it is to stop the subsidies. In my view the Government owned CBC should be dismantled. We no longer need a government broadcast system. Actually, we didn’t need one forty years ago either.

    • Hal Adam
      October 31, 2022

      Great points by Cal and yes, the CBC should have been dismantled years ago. I believe the CPC now believes their funding should be cut? IMO that is not good enough. Too many swamp creatures will remain to promote globalism, the Climate Change Religion, and many sexual perversions.

  • Sandra Davis
    October 31, 2022

    I am not educated enough to leave a brilliant comment, but even as uneducated as I am I am sick of watching the news. The Liberals bought and paid for this news stream and it is all propaganda and lies.

    • Nicodemus
      November 1, 2022

      You hit the nail on the head with this excellent comment! How do we get this message out to folks who do follow the CBC, especially younger viewers? I think this has become an important question.

      • November 1, 2022

        Yes. That is a very important question. Even thought their viewing numbers are relatively small they still seem to hold a lot of sway over the national consciousness. We have to counter the perception that the CBC has some kind of special validity based on its former reputation and decades long existence. We should all be thinking of how we can do that, especially to those under 40.

        • Nicodemus
          November 2, 2022

          Perhaps Big Tech is part of the problem. Searching ‘defund the CBC’ on Google took me to ‘defund the police’ which is a bad leftist idea! The same search on Freespoke https://freespoke.com/ produced petitions against the CBC, and some great alternative news sources on the topic among many other relevant things.

  • Mike hayes
    October 31, 2022

    I haven’t watched or listened to the CBC for 8 years now. And it annoys me no end that we are being forced to prop it up with our misdirected taxes. It’s beyond the ‘best before’ date by far, and only cutting it loose can perhaps, at some time in the future, save it.

  • November 4, 2022

    In the days of the old Soviet Union, there were two broadsheet newspapers, Pravda and Izvestia. These sparked the old saw, “There is no Pravda in Izvestia and there is no Izvestia in Pravda” – which, roughly translated, reads “There is no Truth in the News and there is no News in the Truth.” The CBC singularly can claim both standards of fallow journalism. Where are the Peter Gzowski’s, the Vicki Gabereau’s who made you proud to be a Canadian? Gzowski was known as Captain Canada.

    • November 4, 2022

      Great comment! Indeed there is no truth in the news and no news in the so called “Truth.” As for the former greats in the C.B.C. they have all expired or been purged ( Much like the Soviets would have done). If they had been alive today,as young journalists, you could almost certainly have expected them to have been removed by whatever central committee of the People’s Congress ( by which I mean the left wing press) would have wanted them gone. Such are the times we live in.

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