What is “Colonialism?”

Language has become a weapon. For many people this is puzzling. Isn’t language supposed to help us communicate? Shouldn’t it be clear, and an aid to understanding? Isn’t language beautiful, and hasn’t it inspired the people who came before us? Yes. All true. Language should be all these things and has been in the past, but nowadays it has been twisted into a political weapon. The far left and radical liberal progressives have taken over our language, and they are using buzz words and labels to restructure society and silence people.  One of the most effective words they are using is “Colonialism.” What they have done with that word is both disgraceful and terrifying. 

“Colonialism” The Real Meaning

For most of mankind’s history there have been empires. Democracy occupies only a tiny slice of our history. Empires, whether they call themselves that or not, have usually dominated and have always colonized. Even when they didn’t consider themselves empires, such as in the age of Classical Greece, they still sent out colonists who established colonies. This happened everywhere, not just in the West. China engaged in colonizing, both culturally and militarily, and is doing so now. Others have done the same. Empires were established in the pre contact New World, such as the Incas and Aztecs and they dominated and conquered other groups. The examples are endless. “Colonialism” or “Colonization” refers to this process, one that has been with us since the beginning of time. 

The New Meaning of “Colonialism.” 

But progressive radicals have changed the meaning of “colonialism.” In the past they have also changed the meaning of words like “Racism” “Merit” “Woman” “Equity” and other established terms. Now it is “Colonialism’s” turn. Ignoring truth and historical context, they have defined “colonialism” as anything European and anything white. In an unprecedented purge of our national history and identity, they are attacking anything traditional, and European (including the Christian faith) and anyone or anything that represents “whiteness.” All of this, regardless of its historical importance or context, is “colonialism” and must go. And when they say go, they mean it. “Go” means eradicating it. Gone forever.

Destruction and Mayhem

In the name of fighting “Colonialism” terrible things have already happened. The third floor of the Royal Museum of British Columbia, an exhibit loved by everyone, was eradicated in the name of “anti colonialism.” Canada Day has been cancelled in an effort to fight “colonialism” most notably in Winnipeg and Victoria. Ending “Colonialism” is the excuse mobs use to  removing statues across our land, including those of John A. MacDonald and Queen Victoria. Town criers have been cancelled because they represent “colonialism.” Recently an official government of Canada publication described the red ensign as a “symbol of hate” and a racist flag and representative of colonialism. Street names, cities and schools have been renamed in an effort to eradicate our history and any connection it may has with Europe or white people. It’s undeniable. “Anti Colonialism” is a crusade against our heritage. 

“Anti-Colonialism” Just an Excuse for Destruction

Like many other leftist progressive concepts, “anti colonialism” is a just an excuse for destruction. Our vision of history  goes through changes. It’s natural. We come across some new evidence, or we establish new perspectives on the past. Fair enough. But “Anti Colonialism” is different. It aims to eradicate our past in a profoundly discriminatory way. What is more, it is anti factual and incorrect. Canada was founded on British parliamentary democracy and European customs. It’s leaders and conventions came directly from those traditions. Denying the reality of that is pointless. Canada has evolved and changed, but reaching into our past to falsify it is destructive and criminal,  reminiscent of the kind of policies employed in Soviet Russia. 

Surprised by the Propaganda State

I have to confess that, like many other Canadians, I find all this surprising. Just a few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to imagine Canada’s culture being dominated by progressive leftist propaganda, but here we are. So, as usual when I write these posts, I am in the position of having to figure out what to do in the face of soft tyranny. The first thing to recognize is that, like many other once-solid western nations, Canada has changed. We have been radicalized, not from without, but from our political elites, and we must resist. Don’t accept the ”Colonialism” myth. Celebrate Canada Day. Recognize and enjoy Victoria Day. Be proud of your nation’s history. Fly Canada’s flags, both our current flag and the Red Ensign. Study Canada’s former leaders and heroes and honour Canada. And whatever you do, don’t worry about the evils of “Colonialism.” It’s an excuse to tear down our country’s identity and we can ill afford that.


  • K Ben Buss
    August 4, 2022

    Thanks for the tip of the hat, Perry. I do not have the title but am still here doing what I can . I am now a Cowichan Valley town crier. With no recognition of the incredible 70 years of dedication of our dear Queen Elizabeth I had to have the cry that was expressed thru out the Commonwealth of Nations. I had a small audience but was front page headlines. What a way to make my point!! The write up was all mine from a letter i had sent in. There is a growing awareness of the direction of Duncan.

    • August 5, 2022

      Our pleasure to acknowledge you. It was so great to see you in the news again for the great work you have done. Yes. I think you are right. Some people are getting it concerning the left wing swing in Duncan, but far too few unfortunately

    • August 5, 2022

      Our pleasure to acknowledge you. It was so great to see you in the news again for the great work you have done. Yes. I think you are right. Some people are getting it concerning the left wing swing in Duncan, but far too few unfortunately.

  • Nicodemus
    August 5, 2022

    Another insightful essay Perry. You offer some good advice for resisting the ‘crusade against our heritage’. But I wonder how far the woke can even conceive of recovering leftist linguistic tropes and memes, i.e., rediscovering the underlying truth? A case in point is the publication and then woke-induced retraction of an academic essay called ‘The Case For Colonialism’ — https://www.nas.org/academic-questions/31/2/the_case_for_colonialism

  • August 5, 2022

    Essentially, I think you are right. The left are unredeemable in many ways. They have strayed so far from any connection with the truth that any attempt at direct them to an objective and impartial viewpoint is wasted. The Case for Colonialism is a case in point. They are not likely to ever be able to see any beneficial or redeeming qualities about previous eras no matter how obvious they are. Sad…and dangerous…

    • Nicodemus
      August 6, 2022

      I wonder then if what is needed is the “parallel polis” as Rod Dreher puts it — explained well here: https://modernreformation.org/resource-library/web-exclusive-articles/building-bridges-to-the-parallel-polis-part-1-exiles-from-the-left-and-the-right/ In other words, those who gain guidance from within the parallel polis can set out on their own journey to truth? What are your thoughts on the “parallel polis” concept?

      • August 13, 2022

        The parallel polis concept is, in my opinion, now more necessary than ever. We have exhausted all normal channels of discourse in our attempts to bring reason and impartiality to political dialogue and we have not succeeded. The current culture war has revealed how deeply wokeism and the far left have made inroads into our institutions and culture and how useless, or only minimally successful, negotiation is with them. The parallel polis is absolutely necessary.

  • Edward Field
    August 8, 2022

    Thank you for these insights, Perry. It is ironic that Christianity is thought by some to be the purview of white Europeans when it began with olive-skinned people in the Middle East. Jesus and his disciples were Jews, not Americans. It is also ridiculous to think colonialism/empire building did not occur among the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Invasion, warfare and brutality existed in the Americas before the coming of Europeans.

    • August 13, 2022

      You are exactly right. Christianity was originally a semitic middle eastern religion. And thank you for acknowledging that brutal genocidal warfare existed in the Americas before Europeans arrived. Just ask the Algonkians. Oh , you can’t they were wiped out by the Iroquois. Further examples of indigenous colonization and genocide were legion. Anti Colonialism is just the latest form of anti European hatred and racism. Let’s call it what it is.

    • August 13, 2022

      Good comments Edward. I have finished reading the book “In the wake of the war canoe”. by W.H. Collison. It is an accurate portrait of the coastal indigenous communities, their lifestyles and traditions, at the time of the earliest Christian missionary endeavors. The Haida particularly, but not exclusively, were a warring people. They took slaves and property and were themselves occupiers of a sort. Not all sunshine and roses before the white man came.

  • August 13, 2022

    Perry, yet another well considered article. The left constantly look for new tools, new weapons, new avenues to criticize and malign those of us who who are not aligned with their radical worldview. It is time for us to earnestly stand up for what was and hopefully will be again, the values and traditions of this beautiful country. It is the Strait of Georgia, Queen Charlotte Islands to me. Street names being written in strange symbols. We have only two official languages. no more.

  • Robert carere
    August 13, 2022

    Perry…once again you have clearly and accurately described the intentional ignorance of the radical left…the replacement of History with their version is the goal….the education of todays children with that vision will lead to the reduction and pollution of many achievements that allow us to enjoy the kind of life that we now have in Canada…Colonialism has existed since the first of our species stood up and walked ‘out of the forest’…it continues as we speak……

  • Michael Groenewold
    August 13, 2022

    Thank you for this excellent article, Perry. When I consider the left’s weaponization of language what comes to my mind is the familiar axiom, “the ends justifies the means”. In the case of the historical revisionists of our day, literally anything is ‘allowed’ for them; lying, cheating, vilifying, misrepresenting, if it accomplishes the goal of hiding the truth about our history. We need to make it our goal to speak the truth about everything including our Canadian history, warts and all!

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