Why Globalism is Doomed to Fail


Nothing guarantees failure so much as going against human nature. There are certain human qualities that are undeniable. Think of any group of people. While they may come together and form a community, each of them is still unique. They have their own qualities that make them who they are. Of course they are part of a group, but their personalities are their own. The same is true for nations and cultures. The stunning variety of world languages, customs and beliefs is amazing. And each of these cultures took centuries to develop.

 Fierce Resistance

When outside powers try to destroy unique cultures they meet fierce resistance. Why? It’s because cultures, like individuals, strive to maintain themselves. They want to keep their identity and associate with others who live and think as they do. A common identity, supported by history, customs and beliefs is the reason nations and peoples come together in the first place.

What Globalists Seek to Destroy

In opposition to this reality stands globalism. Globalism seeks to crush all forms of personal and national pride. The fundamental ideology of a globalist tells them that nations are evil. In their mind countries and cultural groups have no place in a “harmonious” global world. Even less legitimate is personal identity. For a globalist your identity doesn’t matter. Instead, it is your role in the collective that counts. But or them to create a global utopia, the details of which they can only vaguely define, they must destroy your identity. Otherwise, you may identify as part of a distinct group and they can’t have that.

Globalists seek to destroy your natural instincts. They want an unnatural  totalitarian, world in which the global order controls all aspects of your life. Your identity and instincts get in the way of that. So also does your identification with a historic group or culture. Ironically, they don’t see that as undemocratic. Instead they see it as virtuous, part of a progression toward a glorious future. A sad example of this was recently seen in an  issue of National Geographic, a once wonderful magazine that has joined the far left in the culture war. In this issue a picture of a young woman was featured. She had brownish skin, almond shaped light blue eyes, curly hair and a mixed African, Asian, Caucasian face. The title of the article was something like “Humanity 2050?”

We are Not All the Same

What is most sad about this is that globalists actually want it. They think that we should all look and think the same way. But this does nothing to honour the beautiful diversity of the human race with its many ethnic groups, distinctive cultures and different customs. This, along with a lock step mentality regarding far left politics, is what globalists have in mind for you.

In the long run they are unlikely to succeed. Even if they were to establish their future “utopia,” individuals, families and small communities would eventually band together based on common sentiments, and break away. Humanity is hard wired for in group preference. There is even scientific evidence to prove this. Research has revealed that we all contain the hormone oxytocin, a chemical that drives us to preserve our in-group identity.

The Globalist Historical Witch Hunt

But if you express your love of identity you are viciously condemned by the globalist left. You are “reactionary” “close minded” “fascist” or the favourite leftist label: “racist.” Sadly, if these labels are applied long enough, a percentage of the population actually begins to believe them. Once conditioned they submit, welcoming the destruction of their identity and distinctive ideas as part of the march towards a “better” world.

An important part of this globalist program is historical revision. An example of this is that once revered figures like Sir John A. Macdonald, are removed from textbooks, disappear from money and have their statues are torn down. This vile censorship and thought control has an objective. For the global left history is a contest between the “oppressed” and their “oppressors.” In this struggle truth and objectivity don’t matter. As a result, witch hunts begin to remove figures like Macdonald, Washington, Jefferson and Columbus from the public square. It doesn’t matter if these people acted according to the context or values of their time, they are guilty anyway. Left leaning globalists proceed to condemn them, after which the historical kangaroo court moves on to its next victim.

The Human Spirit Will Triumph

To the globalists the end justifies the means. Eventually, however, the human spirit will rise up and reject this. It always does. We rejected Naziism, Stalinism, Maoism and a host of other evil inhuman beliefs that sought to destroy our natural desires, and our rights and we will do so again. The only question is, how much damage will be done before we right the ship? A good question indeed.




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Hal Adam
5 years ago

I agree that Globalism is not a good ideology for freedom and especially for freedom for speech and thought. IMO a better Title could have been “Why Globalism is Evil” where Globalism is the running of the world by some elite group or person. Based on that definition it will eventually fail, but the mass murder and destruction that will happen before that failure will make Islamism’s, Communism’s, Maoism’s, Nation SOCIALISM’s (Nazi), and Fascism’s murders pale by comparison. Even now we have large identity groups like Christians and Jews being demonized so that in the future they will be easier… Read more »

Ken Oakes
Ken Oakes
5 years ago

I see Justin Trudeau espousing and expressing Globalism at the expense or our nation identity and economy.
What came to me is the image of him looking out on the world from Newfoundland”s eastern’s shore. This stance means his back is to Canada. We are paying the cost for his positioning. His priority is not Canada but world unity. If He remains “captain’ we are sunk as a nation.