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One of the peculiar realities of our time is that social conservatives are now the counter culture. This idea was first suggested by Patrick J. Buchanan, conservative author, one time presidential candidate and former T.V. personality who was fired from MSNBC because his views did not fit the left wing narrative. I had a hard time with this idea at first, but, as time went by, I became more accustomed to it. It’s an astounding thought.

The First Counter Culture

Many of us remember the original 1960s counter culture and the events associated with it: the hippy movement, opposition to the Vietnam war, the sexual revolution, widespread drug use and civil disobedience. Students held sit ins, protested FOR free speech, and occupied university buildings, sometimes even holding administration officials hostage.


1968 was dubbed the “Year American Went Mad.” Inner cities burned, students protested on campuses, and the question of what it meant to be a human being in a free society was constantly being debated. In those days debate was welcomed, no matter  how raucous it got, because, unlike today, free speech was valued. The 60s counter culture revered freedom, and especially freedom of speech. It wanted to express its opposition to “establishment” values, and felt that the rights of the individual in doing so should be inviolate.

“Square” or “Establishment?” 

The same debates took place in Canada and western Europe. The essence of the left’s argument was that our traditional Judeo Christian society was oppressive. It needed to be replaced, they said, by a more open, multicultural, sexually liberated, pluralistic and relativistic society. Young people’s opinion of this varied, but great numbers of them joined the counter culture because they did not want to be perceived as “square” or in favour of the “establishment,” also often referred to as “the man.”

Fast Forward to a Bizarre World

Fast forward 50 years. Now, in a society where legislation forces us to accept ideas and practices that would have been thought of as insane in 1968, even by the left wing revolutionaries of the day, YOU are the radical if you are conservative. That’s right ! What a supreme irony ! If you believe in objective values, right and wrong, the traditional family, historic values, unfettered free speech,  or “heaven forbid!” traditional Christianity, you are a dangerous subversive.

Your Retrograde Extremist Beliefs

Your beliefs are suspect. You may even be an unwitting practitioner of “hate speech” for which, of course, you could be punished by fines, or perhaps even jail time. Your retrograde beliefs about the physical reality of gender, the right to express yourself freely, the sacred right to hear other points of view, and your foolish ideas about democracy, small government and perhaps even a biblical perspective on life, make you a radical extremist.

No Doubt About It

There is no doubt about it. Your culture is the dangerous one, the “counter culture,” at odds with the wonderfully tolerant, “other respecting,” drug endorsing, inclusive and diverse “establishment.” The good news, though, is that you have made a choice you can be  proud of. You are the “good kind” of radical, and while we already know that you, as a social conservative, are unlikely to be violent in pursuit of your cause, you ought to be no less devoted to it than those who demonstrated and fought for their’s a half century ago.

Dust off your Bandana and Placard

You are a radical for what is good and true. So embrace the counter culture my friends, dust off your bandanas and placards and get ready to resist. Refuse to be crushed by the leftist establishment. Your time has come and your cause is just. Just remember to be, like social conservatives everywhere, defenders of what is real, and not what socially engineered establishment liberals imagine reality to be.



  • June 7, 2017

    All great points however we also need conservative young people to take up this challenge. Me, I am nearly at a Biblical Life span so not that much protest left in me.

    btw, I just recently figured out why Hillary Clinton believes conservatives are not reality based. Her definition of reality is NAS rat fink ‘Reality Winner’ (Loser?)

    • freedomdefencecanada
      June 7, 2017

      Actually, many in generation Z are becoming more socially conservative. I will leave you to do the research on that. Thanks for your comments. There is light on the horizon.

  • Marie A.
    June 7, 2017

    You are so right. I’ve viewed myself in the terms you describe for quite a while now. You’ve expressed it so much better than I could have. Thanks for the comments.

    • freedomdefencecanada
      June 7, 2017

      Thank you. Now we need the courage to move forward, which I am sure we have. To quote the American conservative talk show host Andrew Wilkow, “We are right. They are wrong.That is the end of the story.” No one forced them to take their deluded and tyrannical point of view. Liberal progressive are on their own on that one.

  • Reed Elley
    June 12, 2017

    I certainly agree with this blog. I have always believed in a cyclic view of history. What goes around,comes around! To begin with, present day conservative values were espoused by liberals. Now liberals are “progressively” adopting socialist/communist views on free speech,religion,assembly etc. I received a”liberal” university education for which I am very grateful back in the ’60’s.We debated freely without violence or protest the important issues of the day. There is an underlying anger in “liberal” protest these days which promotes hatred and violence. Very sad! But those of us who believe in traditional approaches to life must be armed and ready to take up the fight!

    • freedomdefencecanada
      June 12, 2017

      Well said. Yes. There is a deep underlying anger in the liberal progressive world that is both concerning and dangerous. In their minds your point of view is not just different, it is something that must be stamped out. That, in itself, is frightening, definitely “liberal fascism.” Witness the recent attempts by the Left to legislate values. Of course, they are always their values, never the values of a caring society in general. It reminds me of a saying I recently came across:
      “When a Conservative is a vegetarian he doesn’t eat meat. When a Liberal is a vegetarian, he doesn’t want anyone to eat meat.”

      • June 12, 2017

        Great points by everyone. Christians used to be accused of imposing their morality on everyone else but now it is the regressives (who call themselves progressives) who are legislating their IMMORALITY on the rest of us. Unfortunately our extremely left wing and Islamophillic PM and the new extremist coalition in BC are about to turn to the screws even more. Be prepared for lawfare, huge fines or jail for speaking so called “hate”.

  • Matt Szeler
    July 6, 2017

    Yes, I remember the sixties and all the protests etc.etc. The difference now is social media. There are many more people with agendas who are able to try and influence their causes to a public that is more willing to accept them. Subsequently, this has reversed the situation where the conservative view on what is happening in our society appears to be the minority rather than the majority. This situation has now influenced our political leaders to support present influences if they feel they are representing the majority of our population. I believe that their still is a large concervative influence and they need to be more aggressive in making their views felt on legislation being passed. Yes, now , we conservatives have become the radicals or should I say become radical in opposing influences that we don’t agree with and will have a negative result in our present or future way of life in Canada.

    • freedomdefencecanada
      July 6, 2017

      I completely agree with your assessment. I too believe there is a vast conservative “silent majority” fed up with the present state of affairs and the present government’s attempt to silence free speech an legislate morality. That sleepy giant must now awaken.

      • July 6, 2017

        Yes, we need to PROUDLY speak up for conservative principles, and in my case at least, my Christian principles. That could cost us fines and who knows what else due to our gag laws, the so called ‘hate speech’ laws. The ONLY restrictions on speech should be the laws of libel and that speech which promotes violence against another person or group. HURT feelings should NEVER be legislated against NOR should so called Islamophobia and other left wing name calling phobias. The left seems to believe in using governments to silence their critics.

  • freedomdefencecanada
    July 6, 2017

    I admire both your sentiment and courage in stating your convictions regarding your principles and faith. I also agree that we already have enough laws in place to protect the individual. The “gag laws” you have mentioned are an offence to human rights and dignity. I fear that unless we begin to stop them now then they are just the beginning of the totalitarian regime now establishing itself.

    • July 7, 2017

      re: “totalitarian regime” .. might I suggest nearly all Western nations are establishing totalitarian regimes in preparation for a one world, left leaning (maybe even Islamofascist) dictatorship.

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