Your Lawn is Racist?

In September of 2020  professor John Douglas Belshaw  of Thompson River University in Kamloops B.C. stated that if you own a lawn you need to “de-colonize” it. No, we are not kidding, and we are not making this up. Professor Belshaw went on to ask “What is a lawn, but a statement of control?” and then said that it is a “…huge part of settler culture.” By “settler” of course he meant white and European. Perhaps professor Belshaw simply didn’t have the courage to say what he meant, but his message was clear. In one of my previous posts I described “Anti Colonialism.” In this one I would like to describe just how ridiculous it all is and how far it has gone. 

All Part of a Process

The article in the Globe and Mail describing Belshaw’s ridiculous statement went on to quote him as saying that “ a backyard with a big lawn is like a classroom for colonialism and environmental hostility.” Apparently, we have entered a new zone in which ordinary objects are now deemed to be evil colonial influences. This is, of course, nonsense, but it is not entirely unpredictable. As I described in my former post, everything white and European is now on the proverbial chopping block in the name of “Anti  Colonialism.” The final goal is to eradicate European (read Western) culture and any status or significance people of European descent have. All this is part of a decades long process in the war on the western world. 

Why Lawns for Heaven’s Sake?

Regardless of historical fact or truth, all symbols of European culture must be attacked and eradicated. That is what the left espouses in the now ugly culture war we are all being forced to endure. Lawns are part of it. Why lawns? A well kept verdant lawn, to the imbalanced and fanatical left wing liberal progressive, is yet another sign of European colonialism. When their colonies were established in other parts of the world Europeans brought the idea of lawns with them and planted them around the world. When the European powers left, those same lawns were often torn up by the newly established post colonial governments. They had never fully assimilated the idea of European concepts of vast expanses of grass as a thing of beauty. Truthfully, they could have chosen to vilify anything, from windbreakers to neckties, or from overcoats to fedoras. They just happened to chose lawns. But it all represented “colonialism” in the fevered minds of the so called “anti colonialists” and woke believers. 

How are Lawns Racist?

Until recently, everyone understood what racism meant. It was an unreasonable and bigoted prejudice against someone based on their skin colour, and pretty much everyone believed that it was reprehensible. The radical left, however, changed all that. How ? They changed the definition, because it served them to do so. Now the definition of racism is connected to power. You can only be racist if you are part of the dominant group and oppressing or victimizing another group. No matter what racist statements are made against those of European ancestry those statements are not racist, because whites of European ancestry are supposedly dominant in North America. Lawns are part of that white dominant culture and they must go. Crazy right? But that’s how far this whole thing has gone. How can lawns possibly be racist? You would have to be inside the twisted mind of a left wind radical academic like John Douglas Belshaw to understand and believe it. 

Bigotry Not Racism

What is happening has nothing to do with racism but a lot to do with bigotry. I am talking about the bigotry against European western culture and whites as well as the increasing bigotry against Christians and Christian culture. Lawns can’t be racist, but extremist left wing progressives certainly can be horrifying bigots and pedantic bullies picking on traditional western culture in an attempt to destroy what is, ultimately, a beneficial and advanced culture. The fact that so many people, and, ironically, so many white liberals, themselves the descendants of so called “settlers” who gave them the great society they enjoy, have bought into this whole thing is not just strange, it is terrifying. 

Join the Resistance: Water Your Lawn.

It is a sad testimony to the damage and absurdity of the “Woke” tyranny that has engulfed us that we are giving any credence at all to the idea that having a lawn is racist. We shouldn’t be giving that idea even the slightest legitimacy. So how can we fight back? The answer should be obvious. Every time they pull a stunt like this we should do the exact opposite. They don’t like lawns? Plant one. And if you already have, one water it and tend it so that it is the most luxurious verdant green anyone could imagine. In a weird way it is poking the Woke movement in the eye. I’ll bet you never thought that by having a nice lawn you would become a heroic resistance fighter, but apparently you are. Excuse me, I have to go now. It’s time to mow, trim and water my lawn. 


  • Edward Field
    October 13, 2022

    Perhaps the extravagance of ownership of any kind can be construed as “racist”. What about the expensive non-essentials which many think of as beauty, including tattoos? It seems to be a socialist mentality which objects to ownership or investments if these exceed a bare minimum. And that, probably, is defined by whatever is owned by Professor Belshaw.

    • October 15, 2022

      It is ironic that socialists don’t mind seizing the property of others and confiscating it for the “general welfare” of citizens, but howl when anything they have is taken. Even more ironic is the phenomenon of millionaire and billionaire socialists. If ever there was a contradiction in terms that is it.

    • October 15, 2022

      It is ironic that socialists are always advocating for the confiscation of property and other people’s money ostensibly to serve the “general welfare” of citizens, yet howl when any of their property is taken. Stunning hypocrisy isn’t it?

  • Robert Carere
    October 13, 2022

    Unbelievable but sadly a truth….that such convoluted thinking not only receives attention but is accepted by many whose perspective is limited and or tainted. Such people are unable to accept an honest assessment of what ‘European AKA Western culture has given to all of us……including Professor Belshaw, who no doubt was educated in a Western University and now draws his salary from an institution that exists because of Western beliefs regarding access and opportunity to education. Such hypocrisy.

    • October 15, 2022

      It’s incredible hypocrisy! Belshaw has benefited tremendously from the western academic system yet here he is railing on about so called “colonialism.” This is what happens when an essentially warped ideology takes root within an institutional system. The rot of cultural marxism and extremist liberal progressivism is so virulently destructive that it beggars the mind.

  • Mike Groenewold
    October 13, 2022

    Cowards like Professor Belshaw seem to feel the need to drag everyone around them into the cesspool of their own lunacy. What is it with the left and their desire to spread misery everywhere? Folks like this poor prof should be kindly but firmly asked to leave this ‘racist’ nation and take up residence in one of those many bastions of real freedom and prosperity, much more in line with their thinking; North Korea, anyone?

    • October 15, 2022

      Cowards they indeed are. As for the left, they don’t care about the misery and death they spread or how many people they hurt. Their unrealistic and rigid utopian ideology must move forward no matter how many people are hurt. Cultures can disappear, nations can fall, innocent people can be incarcerated or executed, they don’t care. And that is why they must be defeated or civilization will fall. A study of the life of Stalin provides all the information you need about this.

  • October 14, 2022

    Thank you Perry for somehow going to Crazy Town and finding this nonsense. There must be a contest going on to see who gets to publish the most batty statements. While Mr. Belshaw may be two coupons short of a freed toaster, the fact that his views find acceptability is frightening. Thank goodness I have an irrigation system to fight back with. Death to dandelions!

  • October 15, 2022

    I love it! Crazytown. Yeah, that’s a good description of it. The thing I fear the most, however, is that Belshaw is representative of a lot of what is going on, not an aberrant example. These people aren’t fit to be professors. In fact, it is debatable whether or not they are fit to be employees of any kind, perhaps not even worthy to be called Canadian citizens.

  • Linda Foster
    October 28, 2022

    Thank you, Perry, for defending the GRASS-HOLES of the world. Apparently, a Grass-HOLE is a person who maintains a beautiful green lawn during the summer months. I simply cannot comprehend how anyone capable of critical thinking and rationality would agree with such nonsense! We are truly living an episode of the Twilight Zone, so I think us GRASS-HOLES have to band together, and do what Perry suggests, fight the WOKE madness by doing the opposite of what they preach!

  • Abram
    November 1, 2022

    Thank you Perry for the wonderful article. It is sad to see that university has gone from an institution of higher learning that once taught critical thinking to a brainwashing training camp for woke ideologies. It sadly seems the value of a degree is slowly diminishing every year. No wonder enrolment rates in university are down 9.4 percent in 2 years.

    • Edward Field
      November 2, 2022

      Hi, Abram. Undoubtedly there are aspects of a university education which have changed over the course of a generation. Probably (as you suggest?) an uncritical acceptance of political correctness is part of that. The drop in enrolment is likely due to Covid related issues and a disenchantment with spending money on education which does not necessarily make a graduate more employable.

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