Your Two Greatest Gifts

Of all the gifts democracy has given you the two greatest are identity and freedom. We forget that both of these are recent. It has taken us five hundred years to go from the Renaissance and Reformation to where we are today. That’s not a long time in history, and we only began to progress in the field of human rights in the last couple of centuries. What many of us don’t realize is that there was no freedom of religion or expression before this. People did not have free speech or a distinct identity separate from the will of the monarch, the state or religious authorities.

Manipulated Out of Our Rights

Somewhere in the last few decades we’ve forgotten this. More accurately, I think, we’ve been manipulated by the far left into thinking that we have no right to an identity or free speech. Their take on this is that it is somehow selfish and morally wrong for us to fully express our opinions and strongly affirm our identity. Nothing could be worse, or more immoral, than this assumption.

The Cruelest Act

To maintain that these two gifts of democracy, identity and freedom, should be outside the rights of a citizen is obscene. Of the two, the assault on identity is the worst. As Charles Adler, the famous Canadian radio personality, once said, one of the cruelest things you can do to a people is to take away their history. I would add that an even worse offence is to rob them of their identity.

The Trudeau/ Liberal agenda

But this is exactly what the Leftists and the Trudeau government are trying to do. Leftists maintain that history is a never ending class struggle, and that traditional Canada was an  oppressive nation. Its memory is not worth keeping, and its foundations were illegitimate and vile. The Trudeau government tells us that we have no identity, that our new identity is to have none, and that we have no “mainstream culture.” Trudeau goes even further, declaring that we are the first “post national” state.

Who are we then?

Think about that. If we are the first “post national” state, whatever that means, are we even a nation at all? Perhaps, in their minds, we are just a collection of cultures, ahistorical, identityless individuals who somehow came together, then accidentally woke up one day to discover that we existed. As absurd as this sounds it is now the way many people think, and it is what the Trudeau government wants us to believe.

The Statist’s Dream

But why would they want us to accept something so bizarre? It’s quite simple actually. People without an identity are easily manipulated. They have nothing to defend and nothing to believe in. If you remove identity you make people cogs in a wheel, part of a grey indentyless mass. You can  inflict whatever policies you want on them, and force your beliefs on their young. It is a statist’s dream. The government’s version of reality becomes people’s reality. Government morality becomes their morality. To big government statists like Trudeau, your identity and beliefs are in the way. In order to create their utopia, the one you, the average Canadian, are too dull and uneducated to understand, they feel they have the right to eradicate your identity and take away your free speech.

Defend your gift

Don’t buy it. You are Canadian, part of a great and distinct nation with a proud culture and history, based on western civilization and your Judeo Christian heritage. You are a free citizen of a democratic constitutional monarchy. Be proud of it and defend it. It’s your identity, the most precious thing on earth. Don’t let anyone take it from you.


  • Matt Szeler
    June 2, 2017

    This article is so right on! Our leaders seem to want us to follow their agenda / agendas while at the same time forgetting that the people who voted for them have expectations that they will try to maintain our historical Canadian freedoms and identities.

    • freedomdefencecanada
      June 2, 2017

      I agree, but I don’t think they care about what our expectations are. I think they are more intent on crushing us and creating a new “post national” reality that will suppress our freedoms, our identities and the Canada we have all loved. Their “Canada” has nothing to do with ours. It is cultural marxist nightmare, and they are intent on achieving it. That’s why we fight.

  • June 2, 2017

    Left wingers try to take away our Canadian identity but at the same time one can be ANY identity that one identifies as. Thus a guy can be a gal as long as HE says so. If identify as the PM, should I be allowed to move into 24 Sussex Drive?

  • freedomdefencecanada
    June 2, 2017

    In my opinion concrete identity means nothing to them. In fact, the kind of reality you are talking about where a “guy is a guy” and a “gal is a gal” is the last thing they want. The more they can destroy accepted ideas like “male” “female” “individual” “freedom” and so on, the more they can establish their slavish collective. Far left Marxists, Islamists and other radical groups who hate freedom and the Western way of life are using these “useful idiots” ( to quote Lenin) to accomplish their objectives. They must be laughing all the way to their party meetings and prayer halls.

  • freedomdefencecanada
    June 2, 2017

    Sure Hal. If you identify as the P.M. you are him. We wouldn’t want to upset your self image by intruding with reality. That’s the “snowflake” way. Go ahead. Move you and your family into 24 Sussex Drive. If you believe it, then it must be so.

  • andrew
    June 4, 2017

    To argue that Canadians have no identity and to vilify our heritage is completely absurd. We have a strong history and such a strong identity. Since Canada’s formation we have played a major role in shaping the world as a whole. I personally am proud to be able to say that I am a Canadian and I take every opportunity to celebrate our illustrious history. Our English and French heritage is the sole reason we enjoy the freedoms of the western world and have the ability to self governance.To attack our ancestry or to say that Canadians have no identity is to attack our freedom. This is unacceptable. No one person or governing body has the right to attack freedom.

    • June 5, 2017

      Re “No one person or governing body has the right to attack freedom.”
      Agreed if by Freedom you include Free Speech. But that is precisely what Trudeau and the left wing parties are doing. Most ideas they do not agree with are classified as ‘hate’ and subject to fines and/or imprisonment. For example speaking out against Islam and it’s so called prophet is to be suppressed soon (making Canada more Sharia compliant). So called ‘hate crime laws’ are fascist in nature and a frontal attack on free speech. The ONLY restrictions on free speech should be the laws of libel and saying someone should be physically assaulted or killed (for example, fundamentalist Muslims suggesting Jews and Christians should be killed).

  • Irene Oakes
    June 23, 2017

    Thanks for those comments. Good assessment of the situation .

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