About Freedom Defence Canada

Freedom Defence Canada was formed by a group of Canadians who said “Let’s not just complain. Let’s act.” We began FDC on Vancouver Island and now have members across Canada. Our intent is to defend freedom and our constitutional rights, and to network with individuals and organizations who are of like mind. Our mission is to educate and inform Canadians about the changes in our society and to motivate them to action. Recently, many other organizations have sprung up with the same intent. We welcome this and seek to work with them to bring you, the Canadian citizen, the best result in defence of your nation and values. For the sake of the future, we need to become more engaged. What sort of Canada will we leave our children and grandchildren if we do not stem this tide of progressive liberal oppression?

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Yours on behalf of the board of directors.

Mission Statement

Many of you may already be acquainted with the aims and principles of FDC. In fact, you may have attended some of our original public meetings or our online events. We settled on the name “Freedom Defence Canada” because we felt it best reflected our Statement of Purpose. We are an organization and part of a movement, not a political party, and we welcome all who share our values.

“The purpose of Freedom Defence Canada is to defend and promote traditional values on current social issues. We will equip others to counteract the prevailing liberal ideology that intrudes upon our basic rights and freedoms. We will empower conservatives and social conservatives through support and communication to have an effective voice in the public arena.”

Guiding Principles

    • Freedom Defence Canada supports the rights guaranteed us in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Foremost among these are the rights of freedom of expression, association, belief, opinion, and conscience. We stand in opposition to any law, political party or special interest group that seeks to diminish or destroy these rights.
    • Freedom Defence Canada asserts the fundamental truth that the identity of Canada was founded on Judeo Christian principles. We oppose all who attempt to revise the history of Canada in an attempt to obscure this truth, and we support the free expression of belief in support of this principle.
    • Freedom Defence Canada opposes the principles of Liberal Progressivism. We reject this world view and oppose all attempts to impose it on the individual. We believe that this ideology has been destructive to many of Canada’s most important institutions including education, established tradition and even fundamental parliamentary and legislative practices. 
    • Freedom Defence Canada believes that social conservatism must have a voice, and that it deserves a place in Canadian life. We oppose those who seek to silence or marginalize it. We see its suppression, either in the media, education, or politics as a violation of our Charter rights and an oppressive act.
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