October 27th, 2018. Spencer Fernando

 On October 27th, 2018 Freedom Defence Canada presented Spencer Fernando, well known blogger and Conservative personality who spoke to us about three topics: Globalism, Identity Politics and Islamism. The event took placeat Duncan Meadows Golf course in Duncan, B.C. Like many of our other events, it was a tremendous success, with a capacity crowd. Spencer spoke eloquently about the danger each of these issues presents for Canada and what we can do about them. For more information on Spencer Fernando go to

June 9th, 2018. Darrell Furgason.

On June 9th Freedom Defence Canada presented Dr. Darrel Furgason, who spoke on the subject of “The Assault On Our Rights and Freedoms and What to Do About it.” at the Quality Resort Bayside in Parksville B.C. The response was tremendous. We had a capacity audience who responded enthusiastically to Dr. Furgason’s message. He divided his message into three parts 1) How we arrived at the Assault on our Rights and Freedoms  2.) The Federal Government’s Summer Jobs Funding withdrawal: The Attestation and finally 3.) Euthanasia, Conscience Rights and the Dissenting Medical Practitioner. The event was a tremendous success, and we gained many new members in the process. To view more of Dr. Furgason’s work go to

March 2018 S.O.G.I. 123 Protest Event.

In March of 2018 Reed Elley and several members of Freedom Defence Canada went to Campbell River British Columbia to support the initiative of the Canadian Christian Lobby (C.C.L.) against the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation (B.C.T.F.) In the presentations given, the dangers of S.O.G.I. 123 were highlighted and the school board members were asked not to implement the program. Many concerned parents were present as were famous anti SOGI activists Laura Lynn Thompson and Jenn Smith amongst others. The response was inspiring and it is hoped the fight against S.O.G.I. will continue.

October 14th, 2017 John Carpay L.L.B. lead counsel for the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms.

On October 14th 2017 Freedom Defence Canada was proud to have John Carpay, the lead counsel for the Justice Center for Constiutional Freedoms ( J.C.C.F.) speak to a packed audience at Duncan Meadows Golf Course on the Foundations of Our Freedoms. Mr. Carpay reminded us all in a brilliant presentation that our freedoms are not free, and that we must maintain and fight for them if we are to continue to be a free country. He spoke about  the growing loss of freedoms in Canada and outlined seven ways in which we can fight for and maintain our constitution rights. His seven recommendations are presented in a blog on our website entitled  “John Carpay’s Seven Points.” The event was a tremendous success.

Reed Elley Goes to Ottawa From October 29th to Nov.1st of 2017

Reed Elley, Freedom Defence Canada Chairman took part in a conference in Ottawa entitled The Parliamentary Forum on Canadian Freedoms. Sponsored by MP David Anderson it featured Stephen Woodworth of the Democracy Defence Initiative, Dr. John Robson, well known National Post columnist, Jay Maxwell of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms and Dr. Janet Epp Buckingham, professor at Trinity Western University. Mr. Elley also visited with Andrew Scheer, leader of the Opposition, to remind him that social conservatives put him in power and contacted 11 other M.P.s on relevant issues. The link is below.

Stephen Woodsworth and Democracy Defence Initiative.

On May 6th, 2017 former M.P. and of Democracy Defence Initiative founder and director Stephen Woodsworth spoke to a Freedom Defence Canada audience about the work of his organization in Ontario in defending our constitutional rights to free speech and expression. Similar in mandate to F.D.C., the Democracy Defence Initiative is a non profit organization dedicated to many of the same goals we are. Mr. Woodsworth emphasized that whenever the freedoms and rights of Canadians are being threatened, then our rights are being threatened as well. Go to

Donna Trimble and Parental Rights in Education.

On March 20th 2017 Freedom Defence Canada hosted Donna Trimble, a well known Alberta Parents Rights advocate. Donna spoke on the need for parents to become involved in the educational process. She detailed the work her organization, Parents for Choice in Education in the province of Alberta in fighting Bill 10, which mandates Gay Straight Alliance clubs in the province and otherwise restricts parental input, choice and human rights. She also spoke about the attack on homeschooling and independent schools currently underway in the province. It was a powerful and informative presentation.

Faith Goldy and Social Conservatives United.

Our very first event, when we were still known as Social Conservatives United, took place on October 22nd 2016, shortly after we had come into existence in August of that year. Our speaker was Faith Goldy, now an independent journalist, then a member of Rebel Media. She spoke about how our society got to the place we are now in, the rise of Cultural Marxism, Statism and the assault on our rights and freedoms. 63 people were in attendance and this was our first ever event. It was the real launching of our organization and a welcome start to our mission of protecting Canadian’s rights and freedoms.