1. Freedom Defence Canada supports the rights and freedoms guaranteed to us as Canadians in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Foremost among these, and today more important than ever, are the freedoms of expression, association, belief, opinion and conscience. We stand against any custom, law, political party or special interest group that seeks to diminish or destroy them.


2. Freedom Defence Canada asserts the fundamental truth that the identity of Canada was founded on, and remains rooted in, Judeo Christian ethical and moral principles. We oppose all who would attempt to revise the history of our nation in an attempt to obscure this truth, and we support the free expression of belief in support of this principle.


3. Freedom Defence Canada opposes the principles of Liberal Progressivism. We reject this extremist left wing world view and oppose all attempts to impose it on us. We believe that this ideology has led to the destruction of the most important institutions in Canadian society namely, the family, our educational system, the judiciary and our parliamentary and legislative traditions and assemblies.


4. Freedom Defence Canada supports the principles of social conservatism, a valid philosophy that deserves a place in Canadian life. We oppose those who seek to silence or marginalize it, whether in media, education or politics, recognizing this as a violation of our Charter rights and an oppressive and contemptible action.