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People are using weaponized language to spread falsehood and erase history.

Are You a Colonialist Settler?

Words have power. Over the last few years, we have seen this proven more powerfully than at any other time in history. Not only have traditional meanings been upended and reversed, but new vocabulary has been created to shift meaning and gain political and social advantages over others. The radical left is good at this, and it has recently gained more power th…

Merit must be the yardstick for fairness, but identity politics.

Merit First, Identity Second

“May the best man win.” I grew up with that saying. It was a common expression when I was young. It conveyed the idea that merit and ability ought to win out over favouritism and bias.  It also meant that the best sort of person should win, someone with good character, an example to everyone around them. It didn’t always happen, but it was the ideal. An…

Bill C-11 is censorship and should be revoked

Bill C-11 is Censorship

by Perry D Foster

Letters make a difference! Here is one I recently sent to a local newspaper the Cowichan Valley Citizen regarding Bill C-11. Your comments are welcome. Thank you. Read the letter here.

Academia has lost its way because of its woke emphasis.

Highly Educated Fools

Our universities have become a problem. My entire adult life has been dedicated to education, so it pains me to say this, but we need to deal with them. It is critical for the survival of Canada and the entire free world. Let me be clear. I love school. I was a Canadian high school teacher for 28 years and a college instructor in Japan for eight more, bringing my tota…

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